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ZOOM INTO ZOHAR: "Coming of Messiah"

If you haven't read this piece of Zohar. It is a must. ZOHAR: Shemot Chapter 15. You can go to www, to read it.

There are so many ideas about what the Jewish Messiah is. What is the Oral and Written Torah communicating to us regarding this matter? If we truly want to know what Messiah is then we should be open to the progenitors of this teaching, we must be open to learn what the Sages of the Torah have told us about Messiah. One thing to add is that the Jewish Messiah is made of two modes: Messiah Ben Joseph and Messiah Ben David. Yes, that's right 2. The Sages tell us the 2 are really 1.

We must open our hearts to hear what the Sages say the Messiah is, not what has been 'telephone lined' down throughout the ages, watered down, diluted and deeply distorted. Who better to tell you who the Jewish Messiah is but a Jew!

The teachings on Messiah are replete in the Torah world. We as Jews, know what The Messiah is. To come to the author of a book and tell him he doesn't know what he was writing about is at best a very arrogant and prideful statement. So again, let us open our heart to hear what they are saying.

Who is Messiah?

Adam. The Collective Soul of Israel. The Son of God. -(Shomer Emunim, Isa.49:3, "You are my servant, Israel in whom I take Glory.", Ex. 4:22.)

What is Messiah?

"The identity of the Messiah is clear. He is a composite of all elements of our existence and all of humankind within a single unified sentient emergent being. (The real UNIFIED FIELD THEORY) a larger partzuf of existence and mankind.

A reinstatement of ADAM before the Chet (Fall). Adamic Messiah is referred to "Shalom" and "YHVH". It is now possible to relate to the profound meaning of the verse and prayers "Return us to You, YHVH, and we will return. Renew our days to be like their former state, Adam. We pray for our restoration to the state of ADAM before the fall.

To renew us to merge with YHVH, to each become part of the integrated, emergent sentient being, the Messianic Adam. We are witnessing the integration and emergence of a higher level and collective, unified Jewish People and the receiving of the 'New Torah." but also the simultaneous global integration and emergence of the higher level collective, unified consciousness of the entire world and the entirety of humanity.

A time in which our entire world all of humanity will attain a true state of 'Shalom." - (Shomer Emunim)

What is Messianic Consciousness

It is the "New Torah" the truth of what the Torah was always saying. This is the Kabbalah. "It will go to the Jew in the North first, Tzvat (Galilee) it will then flow down into the all the souls of Israel.

"It will also goto the Jew in the nations first and then to the nations themselves. Actually this messianic wisdom has been disclosed since 1840, per the Gaon of Vilna.

Who is the Son of God?

Israel is the 'Son of God' as it states in the Torah, "Israel is My first born son" (Exodus 4:22) This is explicit. It is simple. It is not easy to hear for many millions of people who have been taught a different doctrine. But it is simple.

There is no arguing what the Torah, the God of Israel is saying. Maybe it is a different God you are worshipping. But the God of Israel makes it clear that his Son, his Only Son, is ISRAEL. That Son, remains from PRIMORDIAL inception in the thought of the Holy One until the final REVEALTION of the completion of the body of Adam, The Resurrected Son, Redeemed Israel manifest.

Long has Israel been broken, destroyed, killed, chased out of their home lands, beaten, stricken, pierced and on the edge of annihilation through out history. Israel is the "Suffering Servant" who suffered for the world, the nations. The Suffering Servant is a metaphor for Israel. (Isa. 53)

The prophecy reveals that during the Messianic Era, Israel will return to the land. That is how we know that the completion of the Messianic Consciousness and Messiah itself was not 2,000 years ago, for we were not in the Land free from foreign rule, as back then Rome ruled over the land. We are now back in the Land!

When we finally realize Israel is the Son of G-d, incarnate, then we can ask a question,

Why was it that it was a Jewish Kabbalist/Rabbi who is the character in the christian narrative?

Why not a Tibetan Monk, Hindu Guru or a New Age Esoteric? Ask yourself why millions of people who call themselves christian, believe in a Jew yet deny the Jew, kill the Jew, hate the Jew and discredit and even despise the Torah of the God of Israel. How contradictory is this?

How can you hate the very people who brought the Torah to the world. Who have undergone unspeakable atrocities to hold Her (Torah) in their hands and be a living Ark for Wisdom of the God of Israel. If it wasn't for Israel there would be no Torah. No Torah, no christian narrative and all the iterations that came after.

Listen to the Canaanite woman in the christian narrative who clearly understood what the Jew held in themselves, when she says:

"Even the little dogs deserve the crumbs (wisdom) that fall from their Master's Table" She was asking this Jew for 'consciousness, revelation, secrets, Torah truths. The bread crumbs are code word for Chochmah, Wisdom. Bread=Chochmah/Wisdom.

The code for 'little dog" = a dog represents an aspect of the nephesh (animal soul/consciousness). It is a low state of consciousness that is being defined as "little dog/puppy" In her case she was not offended by being called a 'little dog' she recognized that she needs the crumbs of Torah to raise herself and her daughter from the depths of demonic/negative consciousness. This is an answer to the secret of this parable.

She knew it was in the Jew and it is still in the Jew to offer this Wisdom. It was the Wisdom she desired to heal her demoniac Daughter. In the Kabbalah it can be seen as the aspect of Malchut (daughter) that is under the negative influence and idol worship. It is with Chochmah, the Torah, the Bread, even just crumbs and her faith in the Jew (Israel) and His Torah that healed her daughter. (Malchut).

It will be now in our time, that the Bread of Torah, specifically the Chochmah, the Kabbalah, that will bring redemption to the world and healing to Malchut our world, the Daughter.

We are the Daughter who needs healing! From fake news, false consciousness, fake science, Ba'al worship and all the other distorted information we are exposed to today.

The new religion in our world is not secularism, they used the smoke screen of 'secularism' to pave the way for their NWO Religion. Secularism was a means to remove the God of Israel & the Bread of Life, Torah and replace it with Ba'al worship.

That is the New Religion, worship of the phallus, improper sexual unions and the worship of the flesh. It is here now! We are watching this religion take hold in our own country! Affect and infect our children, God forbid! We are even seeing them put their religious teachings in the school system.

It was always a "Religious War" raging, a battle between the God of Israel (Divine Consciousness) and the Anti-God (Anti-Divine Consciousness). Remember, the word Religion is nothing more than a System of Beliefs acted out in religious ritual and rite. The Anti-Divine Consciousness (Anti-God) as the Arizal puts it, has its own Religion also. Know this! Know this well!

If you thought they were Secularists; no belief, neutral, believing in only the science, you were wrong!

"Only through the expansion of the Wisdom(Chochmah) of Kabbalah in the masses will we obtain complete redemption, both the individual and the Nation of Israel, will not complete the aim for which they (Israel) where created, except by attaining the inner part of the Torah and Her secrets.

- Rabbi Ashlag.

"Possesors of the Wisdom of Truth. These are called "Sons of God" -Rav. Chaim Vital


It is the Jew, especially the one that is versed in Kabbalah that will teach the Kabbalah to the Jew first and then to the Nations. As it is explicit from the most honored Sages, that the Kabbalah being disseminated is a prerequisite to redemption.

This is describing the very type of Jew that will bring the Messianic Consciousness to the world. Is it saying it will be just one man who will deliver us from 'death consciousness' and the evil in the world? NO!

There is no such thing as one man, a lone individual in Israel. But its' not, not man, its ONE ADAM.... It is clear as it states in the Torah:

In the third month following the children of Israel's exodus from the land of Egypt; that same day they came into the wilderness of Sinai... And there Israel camped opposite the mountain. (Exodus 19:1-2)

At all their other encampments, the verse says vayachanu ("and they camped," in the plural); here it says vayichan ("and he camped," in the singular). For all other encampments were in argument and dissent, whereas here they camped as ONE HUMAN and ONE HEART (Mechilta, Rashi)

Kabbalah Codes:


One Human=ADAM

Israel, is ONE. One with the Father "Shema, Israel, Adoni Eloheynu Adoni Echad." Our God is One and we are One with our God. That is it. Instead of condemning Israel that they do not have a jewish messiah, see that they ARE THE JEWISH MESSIAH.

They have no need for one because they are IT! It will be those who are of the Kabbalist stock who will begin the revelation in the North of Galilee, Tzvat. This is the receiving of the Wine of Messiah that will then flow from their consciousness to the other souls of Israel. Think of 'Neural Link.' Linking up this Wisdom to all of Israel.

If you are hearing the Kabbalah now, you must understand that this is the real "Gospel' that the christian narrative was saying must go into the world, to the nations and then the end will come. (Matt 24:13)

We can clearly see that the 'end' was not 2023 years ago. It is now!

The real "Good News", Kabbalah, is coming from the Jew to the Nations. Gospel is likened to gos-ip, the spreading of gossip is spreading something in 'secret' telling the 'secrets.' This is Kabbalah. The Sod or Secret of the Matter. The truth of what the Torah was saying all along.

... "I will scatter you among the nations" (26:28, 33). At the chapter's conclusion, God says: "Yet, even then, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them or spurn them so as to destroy them, breaking My covenant with them, for I am the Lord, their God" (26:44).

We hear this in the christian narrative,

"I was sent to the lost sheep of Israel, not to the nations."

For christians this must be a painful statement. But if we zoom out and look at Messiah as the Collective Soul of Israel and the lost souls of Israel in the Nations, even in the Land itself, we can see that Messianic Consciousness must come to them. It must go out to them first, because they are AM ISRAEL, One Nation and One Heart.

The righteous of the nations will come to the Jew and say as the Canaanite woman did," "I know I come from a place of negativity and idol worship, but I want the Wisdom of Torah. And what does the christian narrative say,

" O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you ask! " And her daughter was healed from that hour.

It also says in Zechariah 8:23

"This is what the Lord of Hosts says: “In those days ten men from the nations of every tongue will tightly grasp the robe of a Jew, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.’ ” (God is with us=Immanu'el)

"In these our final days, the time of the Messiah, two realities will coexist - a reality of chaos, suffering, and pain; and a second reality of blessedness, joy, and perfection. Both existences are available to us. We need only to choose. Those who undertake the labor of self-transformation will find themselves living in Light. Persons who persist on the

path of narcissism will dwell in darkness and discontent.-Rabbi Ashlag

Let us, the Jew and the Righteous from the nations choose the path of the Holy One! May the Truth of Messiah continue to be revealed in the world!

Note from Dinah:

For those of us that have been blessed to have had transmitted to us the Adamic Kabbalah we with passionate hearts come to share it first to the Jew and to the Righteous of the Nations. Here at the Adamic Center we are blessed to meet many from the nations coming to learn Torah and receive the teachings of Kabbalah, including christians and non believers.

When we discuss the christian narrative or Yeshua (aka. Jesus) in any of our writings, we do so only too create a "bridge" to those who have lived in that teaching (including Jews) to transmit & reveal what the Torah was always saying. To show them the Whole Torah. We do not proselytize nor do we need to. We are not Messianic in any way. We are here to do our part to be a Light to the Nations and share the Torah and Adamic Kabbalah.

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