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You may have 'read' the Torah (Bible), but have you 'learned' it? Come join our private and public classes we offer, to learn about the Torah and Kabbalah; the Secrets of the Torah! 

The Greatest Story Never Told: Torah with a Twist! 

"If you aspire to become a master of your soul, if you still feel in yourself that your spirit is not satiated and you no longer find fulfillment in the external things that your eyes beheld in the days of your youth, and behold, you desire to descend into the inner depths of matters according to the true spirit of the Torah, then come and I will reveal to you the mystery of creation.  You will then understand and

"see your world in your lifetime."

-R. Nosson Tzvi Finkel

Adamic Kabbalah Class

 This ongoing class is taught weekly on Tuesdays from 11am-12:30 pm. This class is taught by Dinah Miller, a private student of Rabbi Bakst z'l.  This class teaches Adamic Kabbalah as taught and transmitted by Rabbi Joel.  Rabbi's collected teachings are shared and disseminated in this course, such as his works in Beyond Kabbalah, Secret Doctrine of the Gaon Vilna,  The Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness and his later works on Metatronics, Moses and Moshiach! The class also works in The Zohar, Nefesh HaTzimzum, Aggadah and other Kabbalistic texts. 

 Adamic Kabbalah Talmud Class

This ongoing class is taught weekly by Michael Mattlage, private student of Rabbi Bakst z'l.  Michael teaches his "live" class every Wednesday evening at 6pm on Facebook. Michael will take you on a Torah Tour of Talmud & Adamic Kabbalah! 

Join Russel Kirk in his weekly Torah review & discussion examining the Torah portions and other information relevant to the Noachide, Ger and any gentile interested in Torah from traditional Jewish teachings.



Student Reviews

I"When I first began studying the Torah with Rabbi Joel, I had no idea what life changing, mind altering and deep transformation was awaiting me.  Rabbi was able to show me Torah in a way that I had never imagined it to be.  He showed me how to 'learn' Torah, not just read it. His system of teaching is a "quick induction" into Torah Learning.  He taught me how to traverse the Torah, combining many different sources and "telescoping" them to better see the true meaning behind the stories.  Finally for once in my life, the Torah/Bible made sense.  The confounding stories became clear, thank you Rabbi for showing me the Way of Torah!" -D. Miller (Private Student)

"My learning with Rabbi Bakst can only be said to be a journey from the darkness into the light. He demonstrated to me as clear as the moon shining brightly in a dark night sky that the wisdom transmitted through the Talmudic sages from Moses at Sinai is, far from petty religious teachings, actually an advanced mathematical theory/science of consciousness which is the master key to the interface between all systems of knowledge and all dimensions of being. With this body of teachings I received from my master, I have a working knowledge of how to interact with higher dimensions of consciousness and receive scientific information from them, for the enhancement of living conditions for all life on Earth. The journey of truth-discovery Rabbi Bakst set me on is the most thrilling and fast paced experience of learning imaginable, and it only gets better and better." -A. Lipsitz (Private Student) 

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