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Adamic Kabbalah 









"Our learning center is unique in that as Rabbi Bakst has taught, we begin to learn the Torah starting with the Sod (inner/secret) of Torah and weave it into the Pshat (outer/surface) of Torah.  " If we start with the pshat of the Torah we do not have to understand nor are we prompted necessarily to see a deeper meaning.  But, if you start from the sod level by definition you have to have outer layers (pshat).  If you start with the soul first then you know that at some point the body manifests. You cannot though take the sod of Torah without the p'shat of Torah, this is called Jewish Mysticism. It is necessary and both required to learn the pshat and sod simultaneously while adding in the Sheva Chochmah's (7 Science models) to have a comprehensive study of the Torah/Kabbalah."

What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah means "that which is received." 


What is it we are receiving?  Wisdom regarding the very essence of God. 

Why do we need to receive it?  It is believed that through understanding the essence of God this will allow the person to become one with God, to see God in their lifetime, to discover & know the true  knowledge and understanding of that inner, hidden process which is obtainable, and through that knowledge, the greatest intimacy & understanding God can be attained. The Holy One desires for us to know Him not in merely in a 'faith based' manner but also in an truth (Emet) and in certainty! 


Where are we receiving it? From the Masters/Rabbis/Talmudic Sages of Torah who passed it down via master to student throughout history.  This is how Kabbalah is truly transmitted, via an unbroken line of transmissions from master to student. Many people today can read the thousands of books out on Kabbalah, and even study for many years, but without a true transmission from a Rabbi/Sage/Mekubal the fulfillment of what Kabbalah really is, is not complete.  For those who are not Jewish it is very difficult to find a master/teacher to transmit, this is why it is so important that the students of Rabbi Bakst z'l, like myself and others continue to teach and share his works that were transmitted to us by him.  


Three Types of Kabbalah 

Theoretical (Investigative)

Transmission & teachings regarding the inner dimensions & workings of reality; the spiritual worlds, souls, angels and the system in general and particular.  Theoretical Kabbalists are considered Divine Scientists, diving deep into the essence of creation and God using the scientific models of our time. 

Prophetic Kabbalah (Experiential)

Transmissions & trainings  where the goal is to travel or quest to reach higher elevated meditative states of consciousness, states of prophecy through learning and using the Divine names and letter permutations.  

Practical Kabbalah (Application)

Transmissions & teachings regarding the energetics of creation, the mechanics if you will, which can teach you how to change and influence the course of nature. It also uses the Divine names, incantations, amulets, energetic seals, prayer poses,  and many other methods to learn and understand the practical use of the ancient wisdom. 


Our Mission 

 We as Rabbi Bakst's students  (peripheral, personal and private) have come together in a Unified Mission to continue Rabbi Joel's works since his passing, may he be remembered for a blessing.  The content on our website comes directly from the books, articles and teachings of Rabbi Joel David Bakst. New content, meditations and other links are a continuum and contribution of his students works as we telomere on to what Rabbi has taught us.  

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