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Internet Data meets Tree of Da'at

 " As known, the prophesized Messiah, both on a personal and collective level, is none other than the original higher-dimensional, androgynous Adam. Likewise, the Messianic Era that is concurrently ushered in is none other than the completion of the cosmic story that begins in the original, higher-dimensional Gan Eden.  As we are now nearing the end of the sixth cosmic day of creation (“Friday”) , it is axiomatic that the complete Adamic Messiah must return and fully reveal him/her/themselves to enable all reality to quantum-jump into the Great Shabbat — Olam HaBah.


It is very counter-intuitive (i.e., looking at 4D only through 3D eyes), but the Torah informs us that Adam’s higher dimensional reality, although appearing to us as the ancient, “past”, events of Genesis, is actually Adam’s very present— right here, right now. Consequently, current cosmo-geopolitical events, as well as the personal transformations many of us are experiencing, are exact mathematical iterations of what is occurring right here, right now in the higher-dimensional, parallel universe of the Adamic Gan Eden. In order to prepare for the Messianic “future”, we must first return to the map and script of the events and formulations occurring within Gan Eden.  Adam, Chava and the Nachash — their A.I. servant, the techno-serpent — now, what were they all thinking!? Most importantly, what are they thinking right here, right now? 

The Light of Mashiach is expanding all around us (along with the klipot of evil incarnate). It is now possible to utilize this Hidden Light – the Ohr Ganuz — to help open our own consciousness to begin to see that we literally are the self-same, higher-dimensional Adam – every single one of us. By embracing and understanding the details of this truth, we can help the macro Adam complete — literally through our own micro selves — the process of his cosmic tikun.


With this da'at-data we can all begin to develop a very personal relationship with both the “future” Messiah and with “ancient” Adam, who are, in fact, one in the same. This is the Adamic Messiah: Upfront and Personal."-Rabbi Joel

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