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Rabbi Bakst taught us that the greatest secrets are to be found in the Aggadata. That is where the compilation of this prayer began. In the book ‘Tree of Souls’ by Howard Schwartz, pages 38-40, there are accounts of God weeping, and wanting to be absolved of the oath He took to send the Jewish people into exile. This oath and its absolution is also described in Bava Batra 74a.


This idea was so compelling to me, it led to a cascade of verses centered around the idea that we have the ability to annul God’s oath. I call it the Audacious Prayer, because I admit it reaches into areas that seem ‘above our station’. But in reality, all of the ideas in it come from sound Torah sources, which follow. 

Because of the peril we find ourselves in, perhaps it is time to pray audacious prayers. For if not now, when? And my friends, I would rather be called to account for an excess of zeal, than to choose ‘safety’ or be thought cool in my love for Ha Kodesh Baruch Hu! 


D'vorah Davida



Avinu Malkenu!


"Today we hear Your Voice. Your cries have reached our ears from beyond the Pargod! Your boundless suffering makes Your creation quake. Your flowing tears threaten to wash away the foundations. Your lament causes the mountains of Olam HaZeh to shudder. We tremble with You, oh Hashem, beloved of our soul. Rise up and come away from Your innermost chamber. Weep no more. Be absolved of Your Oath! Invoke Your own Name as befits Your Holiness. Embrace us, kiss us and be mindful of our exile, as we are mindful that there is no Joy in heaven while Your House is in ruins. Raise up the fallen hut of David! Do not delay Oh Lord, for there is no strength in our hands and no one is saved or helped. Our tzaraat has become all white. Declare us pure! You must come to us. For Your Own sake, for Your Own sake. Let us be reconciled to one another. Who has heard such a thing? Can the creatures presume to absolve their Creator? But who else can annul Your Oath? Comfort, Comfort our Maker! Let the bones that You have broken rejoice. Turn back Your anger and fulfill Your vows for Good. Because we know that it is Your will that Your mercy overcome Your anger and that Your mercy prevails over Your other attributes, and that You act toward Your children with the attribute of mercy, and that You enter before them beyond the letter of the law!  Let us hear Your Voice, “Ani HaShem!” and all our questions will be laid to rest. Arise HaShem and let Your foes be scattered, let those who hate You flee from before You. Reside tranquilly Oh HaShem, among the myriad thousands of Israel! 

Amen, Selah!"





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