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What is The Adamic Center?

The Adamic Center is a learning center based upon the teachings, classes and books of Rabbi Joel David Bakst z"l.  The learning center includes classes on the Torah (Bible), Adamic Kabbalah, Zohar, Lurianic Kabbalah and Talmud weaved in and including the works of the Gaon of Vilna, Rabbi Moshe David Valle (Ramdu) and Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz (The Shelah). 

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What is Adam? 

Most of us when we hear the word ADAM, we think about that guy from the Garden of Eden who sinned, fell and eventually died. We don't really think very much more about him in the His-Story of mankind. But what if I told you ADAM never really sinned, he really 'fell' and he never died? What if I told you ADAM was at the beginning of the Torah/Bible story and He will be at the end of the Torah/Bible story? ADAM is not what you think He/She is? 


To learn more about the Secret of Adam and his role in the redemption join us for beginning courses and classes that we offer here at the ADAMIC CENTER. 

What is Adamic Kabbalah?

Adamic Kabbalah was coined by Rabbi Bakst to express the ancient yet uniquely new teachings & language of the Torah, Kabbalah and the Messianic Era. Kabbalah in general means "kabel" in Hebrew, which means "that which has been received; a living transmission passed down from master to disciple."  What Adamic Kabbalah is not, is occult qabalah, pop Kabbalah, or the myriad other non-traditional, copies of the original Torah based Kabbalah.


What makes Adamic Kabbalah different from Kabbalah in general?

"The Adamic Kabbalah is all about Adam. The Secret of Adam. The secret is there is a higher dimensional consciousness, a super consciousness, vast beyond our imagination, even beyond the cutting edge of science and what most refer to as "God."  Yet this is not an alien consciousness, or civilization more advanced, it is the original, higher dimensional, Supernal Adam of the Garden of Eden."- Rabbi Bakst z"l

"Adam is His name and consciousness is His game; the dimensionality virus is to blame, and the Science of Kabbalah is our aim"
Rabbi J .Bakst z"l


Integrate. Converge.

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