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ZOOM INTO ZOHAR: The Secret of "Father and Son"

The Secrets will be revealed at the end of days...the confusion will be clarified, what we thought we knew will be challenged and then the Holy One will reveal the truth of the matter...this is the truth of the matter regarding "If you see the Son you see the Father."

This distortion is 2023 years old and needs to be redeemed. Literally. This is what was being said not only in Torah but then fell out into the nations. It was distorted, it was taken literal and now it must be corrected. The truth must be revealed. The Holy Name and what it really is needs to understood and sanctified now more than ever.

The Torah is a code book. The literal read is but a glove concealing a hand; a deeper teaching, a quantum understanding. The Kabbalah of Torah, the Secrets of the Bible, where hijacked and then re-written and re-distributed in a away that although may have connected humanity to some of the Light of Torah, also concealed and distorted the truth of what was being expressed and with it came a great distortion.

It was always about the Name of God, YH-VH; most in christianity do not know the name of Gd. If they do they don't understand that it is not a normal name but a 'name-formula' like an algebraic equation. Think of Einstein with E=Mc2, it is letters and numbers but the story behind what these letters represent reveal the Secret to Light. E=energy, just like Y=Father. M=mass like H=Mother, C=Speed of light like V=Son....and the final H=daughter, the thing no one is talking about....did you know there is a DAUGHTER in the equation...they had you so focused on the Son you didn't see. Now you must have eyes to see.

YH-VH, the tetragrammaton, is the Holy Name of Gd in the Torah. The name-formula is a code and each letter is expressing a revealment of Gd in the world and creation at large. The Kabbalist taught what the Name expresses by using the expression of a 'family unit'. This is how Gd revealed himself via the 'family unit.'

There is an aspect of Gd that is called Abba/Father, Imma/Mother, Zeir Anpin/Son and Nukva/Daughter. The Creator is describing how He became manifest in each of these aspects.

Open your heart.....this will challenge everything you wanted to believe and were taught, but this is the truth of what the Name is and what the Creator was trying to convey. IT WAS ALL A PARABLE! The parable was concealing this truth. It was a PARABLE! Hear that well. Now the next step is to find out what this Name is and understand what the God of Israel really is. It is time...."and on that day...I will be ONE and My Name is ONE."

"Therefore My people shall know My Name, on that day, for I am He who speaks, here I am" (Isa. 6). This means people have not known the Name and that My people shall know, which suggests that even His people do not know. It is to 'know' the Secret of the Name. This will not be an intellectual knowing it will be an internal and experiential knowing.

If you don't know this NAME and I mean to 'know' It now is the time!

Genesis 1:27 "And God created Man (Adam) in His own image, in His image he made them, male and female.." The Image is the NAME, YHVH, ever wonder why you are shaped the way you are, built like this? The NAME built you in HIS IMAGE!

PS: for those who come to this website and say that it wreaks of christianity....well as an Orthodox Jew let me say....I am here to redeem what is lost, stop the distorting of truth so that the Sanctification of The Holy Name can be done. I currently live in a community that is majority christian. I write not only to the Jew but to all people no matter what background. But because they come to me in this community, I also write to them, trying to bridge and redeem their understanding with the Torah. Trying to get them to see the Roots of Torah and where their stories fell from. Far to long has there been a lack of EMET! All that is here is Gd's consciousness, albeit much is veiled and distorted. If we know the truth it is time to share it and reveal it. If we know something from Torah got watered down or copied or 'played telephone' and lost it's essence it is incumbent on US as people of CHOCHMAH to assist in setting it straight. May those who KNOW and CAN, show all humanity what these ancient teachings where really saying so that EMET can REIGN and the NAME YH-VH will be sanctified. We need to turn the hearts of men back to TORAH and HASHEM, no matter what path they take....we must encourage people to become LOVERS of HASHEM and TORAH, that is what I seek in the work that I do and the work of Adamic Kabbalah.

-Dinah M Miller

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