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Mind of Moses












The following icons found in Beyond Kabbalah are explained at length where they are introduced or associated with the subject next to where they appear. Additionally, some of them are inserted here and there simply to remind the reader to interface their significance with the teachings on the page where they appear.Utilizing this method of consciousness multitasking will be most effective on your second and third time through the manual. If you are picking up Beyond Kabbalah for the first time, this graphic glossary can function as a quick overview of some of the thematic threads that run through this workbook.


This icon, the 5M’s masthead of Beyond Kabbalah — Mission, Maps, Methods, Models and Mind of Moses, continually reminds you of your final mission — to enter into the secret within the Mind of Moses — the Ascension of God’s Thought and the Flames of Divine Love. Together the 5M’s configure a unique mosaic of Mosaic consciousness. There is however, a “Catch 22”. In order to attain Mosaic consciousness, you must first ascend 5 Steps and then enter though all Four Doors at the same time – all the while moving to the rhythm of an ancient, esoteric Jewish dance called the HuG! (HasadimandGevurot).



In order to penetrate into the Mind of Moses there is an ominous “black hole” (here superimposed upon a cross-section of the “fire torus”, also appearing inBeyond Kabbalah), through which one, if capable and worthy, must pass. This is the mystery of the martyrdom of Rabbi Akiva ben Yoseph and his 2nd century colleagues, the most pivotal event in esoteric Jewish history in almost 2,000 years. (This is the real story behind the four master sages, including Rabbi Akiva, who entered the Pardes/Orchard of higher-dimensional consciousness). Throughout Beyond Kabbalah this black hole of “Why do really bad things happen to really good people”, as well as alluding to the Jewish Holocaust within our generation, is always staring at us, always too close for comfort, yet always beckoning us with the unspeakable secrets it holds on the other side of the Mind of Moses.

This icon is the final Hebrew letter mem and its door-like shape serves two symbolic functions. One, it is one of the four entrances into the Study House of the Four Doors which are prerequisite in order to enter into the Mind of Moses. Secondly, it is a doorway, tunnel and hyperlink that connects the subject you are reading about in one Door (or Step or Dance) with a subject matter in another Door. If you were reading this on the Internet you would simply click on the highlighted word and it would take you there, but here you have to be quick on your fingers to turn the pages. (The םalso has other meanings to be explained.)



The backbone of Beyond Kabbalah is the question–answer format. Specifically, the qashe-question and the revolving-resolution that returns the question back to its starting point, only now from a new and deeper perspective. What is the basis of this dialectic? The Divine process operates through a cosmic law known as “Last in action, [returns to] first in thought”. As Moses himself will teach us, God’s consciousness Itself is also always revolving back onto Itself and, “As He is above, so shall you be below”. 


The Zohar prophesizes that global evolution is dependent upon a unique interface between the ancient Kabbalah and the New Sciences, specifically the new models of understanding how the universe works. It is impossible to go Beyond Kabbalahwithout utilizing these newly discovered scientific vessels to grasp the ancient language of the Kabbalah. No vessels, no lights — no scientific models, no insights into the Hidden Light of Torah based Kabbalah.









This wishbone icon represents the Dance of the Hasadimand Gevurotor HuG for short. Hasadim and Gevurot are the divine nucleus of polarized singularity that fuels the Torah, the Kabbalah, the universe and everything from before the beginning and to even after the “end”.HuG is the root of the straight and expansive masculine-like divine light and the curved and contracting feminine-like divine light. HuG is not a duality nor is HuG simply a singularity. Rather HuG contains both, yet is more than both!HuG is the little-known “yin-yang” of Torah but with a distinctive Jewish twist.


Every cross-sectioned “slice” of life has a right side, a left side and a middle — reflecting our right brain, left brain and middle brain. Everything in creation is generated and woven from holographic triune “trunk lines” consisting of triune “cables” which, in turn, contain triune “threads” — triune within triune within triune. The theme song of Beyond Kabbalah is the Two Jews’ Blues and in order to move with its cosmic rhythm you never walk a straight line. Rather, every thrice-slice of life moves first to the right, then to the left and then to the middle, with each side holographically containing the others! To survive within these pages you have to be quick on your feet.










The Tetragrammaton —Y-H-V-H — is known as the name of the God of Israel, but really it is not, simply because it is not a name. It is not even a noun. Rather, the God of Torah based Kabbalah is a grand fractal equation from which iterate — self-replicating fractured fractions of Itself — the entirety of existence. These four alpha-numeric digits and their endless permutations and configurations are the roots of all existence and consciousness and — as much as we can express that which we cannot, God’s OwnConsciousness within Consciousness within Consciousness… .


In a Kabbalah based Torah world nothing is simply either a “this” or a “that”, rather every “something” includes both its “this” and its “that” and yet it is more than both. Any truth can only be fully perceived when disparate and even opposing components are superimposed one upon the other to create a new middle, the coherent superposition (CSP). The new middle (e.g., Mosaic consciousness) is as different from its two components (e.g., the Oriental and the Occidental consciousness) as those very two components are from each other. “Betwixt the Orient and the Occident it — the new middle Mind of Moses — is no accident”.









“Take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Torah Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbi hole goes … Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more”.(From the movie, “The Jewish Matrix”). Throughout Beyond Kabbalah, with every step you take and every move you make you must ask yourself again and again, “Do I really want to take the red pill”? “Do I really want to know the truth”? “Do I really want to enter into the mystery of the Mind of Moses — and the unspeakable horrors of the tortured martyrdom of Rabbi Akiva and his colleagues”?










All realities, possible and impossible, are analogous to concentric bands of divine Light emanating out of the Ain Sofas the shell of a snail is its own garment growing out of its own self. It is separate from itself, yet it is not. The Ain Sof grows its own “otherness” (We and all existence) out of Itself, yet “There is no other than Itself”. (Spoiler Alert: the “God” of Torah based Kabbalah, as revealed in Beyond Kabbalah, is not your “God” of Sunday school — nor even your “God” of Hebrew school!).






This image is a sliced “inside view” of a torus (Here actually a torus within a torus within a torus). A torus is a doughnut (or bagel)-like geometric form that is the curved, self-rotating, topological surface which is the uber-structure upon which the Divine Mind emanates, creates, formulates and actuates the entirety of existence — including Its own Self. As the White Rabbi is fond of saying, “From Aleph to Tav (Alpha to Omega) it is a torus on the back of a torus on the back of a torus…all the way down”!






This is your guide and mentor, the White Rabbi, who is always looking over your shoulder to instruct you and to lead you to the next section or through the next Door. He is always waiting for you and he wants you to “get it” even more than you do (“More than the calf wants to suckle the mother cow wants to nurse” he would say, quoting the Talmud). He won’t be satisfied until you get in to the Mind of Moses. However, if you don’t sufficiently “get it” in order for you to get in, then he might just help you “get it” with a lovingly whack on your head — got it? He might mess with your head, but he don’t mess around — He’s on a mission from God.














This is the White Rabbit from Torah Wonderland. We are more than curious as to why he is running so fast and where is he going? He is late for a date with the Mind of Moses! (He should have already been there years ago.) But even while on the fast lane to Mosaic consciousness, whenever he has to stop to catch his breath he prepares himself by reading another page or two from Beyond Kabbalah and really chewing on it (That’s what rabbits do). Yet, even when back on the road to enlightenment, while not studying he is still always jumping to a niggun (tune) called the “Two Jews’ Blues” (Those are also known as the Twin Messiahs, but explained within). The White Rabbit just loves learning, singing and jumping with joy for Torah and getting closer to his Creator! Not a bad act to follow. His passion should be an inspiration to us all.

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