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Which G-d do you worship?

Most know we live in a predominate christian community. It has been a blessing to live in an area that presses us to know what we believe and be able to bridge the Torah to restore many of the fallen out stories in the christian narrative and bring them back to the root truths of where some of them iterated from. It has also allowed us to be apart of the 'ingathering' of the lost souls who come and discover the ancient teachings of Torah and Kabbalah. It is a special gift indeed from Ha'Shem to see people fall in Love with Torah and knowing you are apart of facilitating that connection. Priceless!

A sweet lady in our community approached me and began asking questions about the Torah and conversion. I shared with her the options and then I said to her....

"What G-d do you worship?"

She looked at me puzzled. If you are talking about G-d in general conversation we are all assuming that we know what 'G-d' the other is worshiping, but do we know? We don't. Do they know? It seems they don't either.

The word G-d has a lot of klippah (shells/veils) on it as we say in Kabbalah. It is a generic term to say the least in discussing an 'entity' of higher power, but still leaves us without a deeper understanding.

She then said, "Well I am a christian, but I worship G-d."

Again, I asked her "Which G-d?"

She then diverted and flipped the script and said....

"Well, What G-d do you believe in?"

I said, "The G-d of Israel" (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)

She then looked even more confounded, her countenance looked as if she is searching her personal database to try to find how to respond.

She said, "I don't really know who the G-d of Israel is, to tell the truth. Actually I don't know who G-d relative to Jesus is. So tell me who is the G-d you worship?"

I said, "I worship the G-d, that made me in His Image."

Ok, then the look on her face got really confused as she is now on the verge of crying and realizing the rabbi hole is getting deeper and she doesn't know if she wants to follow me down it or run!

I repeated myself, "I worship the G-d that made me in His Image." I pulled a picture out and showed it to was this picture....

Here is another pic...

The letter YUD is the Head, the letter HEI is the upper shoulder and arms, the letter VAV is the spinal column, neck and torso and the lower letter HEI is the waist and two legs....

If you don't know the Holy Name it is first found in the Chumash/Torah (Stone Edition by Artscroll) on page 11. 2:4

"And these are the products (offspring) of the heaven and earth when they were created on the day that YH-VH (Ha'Shem) ELOHIM (G-d) made earth and heaven...." Gen. 2:4

While you are there..take a look on page 10 verse 4, 5th word over... you will see an unusually small hebrew letter 'hei' in the word for created "bhbram' which is an allusion to Abraham and the Secret of the Small Letter Hei,...

....and that story is for another time. But what I want you to see also is that you must begin learning Hebrew because so much was lost in translation to greek, latin and English...actually some of the most important things!

The small 'hei' is the Secret to Abraham's Daughter....the final Hei, Malchut, the completion and redemption of the world we live in! For those students who know the language of Adamic Kabbalah.

I digress..

Again, shock overtook her face. She said "Those letters look like our body parts!"

" Yes", I said those letters are not a name but a Name-Formula, which gave rise to the form and function of the human body, this is the Image I was created in and this is the G-d I worship, YH-VH."

Stunned, she went silent. I knew it would take time to process. I gave her a hug and she left.

One thing I have learned sharing Torah with those who Ha'Shem sends my way is that I may not always get to see the seeds planted come to fruition, but I know they are planted. Torah truths are planted and one day they will with Ha'Shem's help sprout! I am certain!

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