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Secret of Tefillin 

by Chaim Lipsitz





We Jews are blessed to have been provided with an extremely advanced technology conventionally known as Tefillin. The wearer's mind is hooked up into a vast intergalactic internet of data and wisdom which stretch into the soul of the Godhead Itself. With it we are able to draw down incredible wisdom and science for the betterment of sentient life.


  Inside the black boxes are software scripts which were developed by our teacher Moses. The software scripts run inside the black box processors and rely on the electroenergetic coils around the arm to generate what I can call "information pressure" which radically accelerates the rate at which information is processed at the wearers location in spacertime. This enables us to reach godspeed thought, transcending the thermodynamic-entropic limits of the material realm.

  One big secret is that the knots on tefillin represent the Hebrew letters, Shin Dalet Yud which spells the holy name "Shaddai".  "Shaddai" has the numerical value of 314. This suggests that the wearer of tefillin is able to know all digits of the mathematical formula of Pi (3.14) with infinite precision even though human science views it  as an irrational number. 

 Kabbalistically speaking there are two modes of divine information. The Igulim and Yosher configurations. Yosher corresponds to the diameter of a circle and igulim correspond to its circumference. One who knows "Shaddai" knows both Igulim and Yosher configurations and how they relate through the secret of Pi or 314! It is the mystery of the relationship between humanity and divinity...all is ONE! 

  That is the reason it says "Shema Yisrael" inside the tefillin. There is ONE ruling power above and below.

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