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"I want to give a GIFT to YOU"..

"Happy Hanukkah! I wanna give a gift to you

Light up the night, let my love shine through

From Mount Zion, this is what we do, bring love to you

Happy Hanukkah! I wanna give a gift to you

Light up the night, let my love shine through

From mount Zion, this is what we do, bring love to you"

This is the lyrics to my grandchildren's favorit Chanukah song, "Happy Hanukah" by Matisyahu. This song comes on the radio and they go crazy! It is really a fun song. They dance and dance, something many of us don't do anymore. We should dance!

Speaking of gifts, I want to give a GIFT to you this Chanukah season. The Secret of Chanukah and the Great Ohr'Ganuzic Light!

Rabbi Joel, z"l gave this gift to me in 2018. He shared the Secrets of Chanukah, Enoch/Meta-tron and the Ohr'Ganuzic Light with me. He taught me the mechanics behind the Menorah. He taught me how to access this great Light that is coming in on the 8 days of Chanukah.

Some questions we should ask ourselves.......What is really happening when we do the Ritual of Chanukah? Is it all just symbolic and just the stuff we do on this day? What is the deeper meaning behind it, and why did the Holy One see fit that this day would be one of the most powerful days of the year!

We must take a journey back in time, to a place where the Great Light of Chanukah, the Ohr Ganuzic Light was established, the Light of Messiah! It is said that when this great Light issued the portal was open for 36 hours before physicality as we know it existed. (1)

This portal opens on the 25th day of Kislev. The 25th day is a powerful day during this time of year. Why 25? Why this particular day? We will need to go to the creation story in Beersheet/Genesis to find the answer.

If you have a Artscroll Chumash open it to the first chapter. If you count 25 words over you see the word in Hebrew is "OHR" which means Light. If you look at what it is juxtaposed with you will see that it says

"the earth was astonishingly empty, with darkness upon the face of the deep and the Shekinah (indwelling Light of HaShem) hovered upon the face of the waters---Elohim said "Let their be Light (Ohr)."

The Torah is not just any ordinary book, the word Light (Ohr) in this verse is in its essence representing that Great Light, the Ohr Ha Ganuz! This is why the 25th day of Kislev is the day we light the Menorah (Sephirot), which in our action we are revealing this Light of Messiah, that was hidden away for the Righteous in the beginging of Creation.

The 25th day of the darkest month of the year is very powerful indeed, so much so that early christian leaders created a simlar holiday on the 25th of their month in December. This is christmas, which is supposed to be the Birth of Yeshu (Jesus) but we know that he was not born on this day, so what are christians celebrating if he wasn't born on that day?

They do not know.

The answer is not in the christian narrative, it is hidden in the Torah! This is why all people that have some connection to the God of Israel and Messiah will have to go back to the roots of the Torah to find out what it all really means.

What is hidden in that story is the fact that what is really being birthed or revealed on that day is the Light of Messiah! Not a physical man, Jesus, but the Ohr Ganuzic Light that is given over to the righteous, and in that light is Messianic Consciousness!

Unfortunately, people are not benefiting from the actual light that is coming in for 8 days directly because they miss the portal. The Roman Church changed all the Holy Days that the God of Israel instituted. They knew that the Shabbat and other Holy Days where portals in time when the Creator comes very close to us! No worries though, if you are not celebrating this day...the Jews will bring the light to

On the first night of Chanukah we put the Menorah on the opposite side of the Mezuzah in front of the window for the Light to go out into all world. As most do not know, Israel is to be a "Light unto the Nations" and this is no ordinary Light we are revealing. It is the very Light of Messiah! You can access this light also by reading Psalm 67!

In the Artscroll Tehillim/Psalms in the forward to Psalm 67 it says:

Avodat HaKodesh says, that whoever concentrates daily on this Menorah and its message is considered as if he actually kindled the Menorah in the Beit HaMikdash (Temple); such a person is surely destined to inherit the World to Come. Whoever recites it while concentrating on its Menorah shape and design will surely be safeguarded from all evil and enjoy great success!

So, even if your not Jewish or attached to a Jewish community or family, you can still participate in this most powerful day of the year! Rabbi told me to look at the picture of the Menorah and read it in Hebrew if I could, starting from left to right at the word 'Elohim', but really just gazing at it is enough while you say the Psalm 67.

With great intention see the Menorah being lit and after your Psalm have a moment where you are asking HaShem to bring this Light into your hearts and homes! Now more than ever we need this Light! This is a reforming light, a transforming light, it is literally the Light of Moshiach! The Messianic Consciousness is in this Light! This Light can literally 'lite' upon you! Recieve it!

May the "Festival of Rededication" of the Messianic Lights to the Temple be upon us. May we all rededicate our lives to the Light of Torah which is the ancient Wine of Sinai and the Bread of Life!

May the " New Torah" which is being revealed NOW in our lifetime, which is the disclosure of the Kabbalah, continue to be the 'Good News' going out into the world, proclaiming the Holy Name of of G-d, YHVH and clarifying His teachings in the Torah to the world!


from all of us here at Adamic Center of Waco!

-Check out our other " Chankuah Revelations" in upcoming podcasts at spotify "Adamic Kabbalah Now!" and in our blog posts!



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