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Adam's Thanksgiving

Adam’s Thanksgiving


The Meal of Metatron

Redeeming Adam’s Holy Days

People in our community always ask, "Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?" I tell them "Yes, we do we celebrate Adam's Thanksgiving Day and that is on Chanukah!

Most of my life we celebrated the holiday of Thanksgiving. In all honesty, it was a stressful time, cooking for days, to rush to sit down to scarf down the food so everyone could go to the living room and watch football and nap. It was nice seeing the family together, but was this it?

The whole world stopped for this day and this was it, family, food, football and naps. As the years passed I began seeing all the secular holidays as this, no substance, no depth, just stress of spending to much money, time killing yourself to make all this food that gets thrown out and then, really just no satisfaction.

It wasn’t until my journey into Torah and conversion did I begin seeing the Holy-Days as they where meant to be. A day of connection to our Creator, a day of prayers of “thanksgiving and praise” a day of expressing our gratitude for the constant connections we have to our Creator, the Life He has imbued within us, the Light to come and the restoration, redemption, renewal of all of creation.

If you haven't read Rabbi Bakst's z'l work on "Christmas & New Years: Adam's Yom Tov" you should. It is found in his book "Kabbalah of the Adamic Messiah" on page 243. In Adamic Kabbalah we understand that "Front and Back you made me." That means that when the Creator created reality and even our tzelem Elohim, our image, there is a frontside and backside to ourselves and all reality.

Using the mobius strip model above you can see all reality is one but flipped at the fall and now we have what appears two different realities or worlds. The 'backside' of reality is always mimicking the 'frontside.'

Think of it like this, if the Creator instituted the Holy Days as days of connectivity and light and like portals in time, then the backside would also have auspicious times it would celebrate and honor. But it seems those days don't generate or receive a lot of light. In fact I would say that the calendars and Biblical auspicious times and Holy days where changed to disconnect people from the truth of the light and consciousness that comes in on that most sacred appointed times.

One day I had asked myself about Thanksgiving, why do we do this? Yes, I know the foreigner (pilgrim) and native (Indian) story who have a meal together and celebrate unity, which was short lived as the story goes, but why did this become a national holiday?

First you must know that the English had always celebrated "thanksgiving" meals for safe passage in a journey, military victories, etc. So to create a day of 'thanksgiving' was not unusual for their customs. But what is this idea rooted in.........

I decided to see what the sages would say regarding anything that had to do with Thanksgiving.

Bet you didn’t know that Chanukah is Adam’s Thanksgiving Day! Don’t believe me? Let’s see what the Talmudic Sages have to say:

The Sages taught: “On the 25th of Kislev the days of Chanukah commence. They are eight days in all, on which it is not permitted to eulogize or too fast. For when the Syrian-Greeks entered the Sanctuary, they contaminated all the flasks of oil that were in the sanctuary, and when the royal Hasmonean house gained the upper hand and vanquished them, they searched the Heichal (palace/only where the High Priests could go) area and found only one flask of oil that was hidden out of sight with the Kohen Gadol’s seal on it still intact, and it contained only enough oil to kindle the Menorah for one day.

Just a side note: Anybody know the number 25? Why the 25th day? What other holiday is celebrated on the 25th day? Remember backside always mimics the frontside.....

However, a miracle was performed with this oil. There was only what seemed enough oil for one day, but to everyones surprise it lasted for eight days, until other ritually pure oil could be obtained. Recognizing that the miracle had eternal implications, in the following year the Hasmoneans and the Sanhedrin established and rendered the 8 days permanent festival days with respect to the recital of HALLEL and “THANKSGIVING” -Shabbos (3) 21b(4)

Meiri (Spanish Talmudist 1249) writes that “On the first day of Chanukah we pronounce blessings for the miracle of our deliverance from the Greek-Syrian-Edomite oppressors, and also as an expression of THANKS for the discovery of the single flask of undefiled oil.” Shabbos 21b(4) note 43.

So there we have it folks, the ADAMIC THANKSGIVING, is Chanukah!

The Adamic root of "Thanksgiving" can be found in a lesson I taught today on this very subject to my students. Join us for our weekly Adamic Kabbalah classes to learn more!

How to Celebrate the Adamic Thanksgiving

-Recite Psalm 67 with the Shviti of the Menorah (see below), it is said if someone does this it is as if they actually lit the Menorah!

-Recite the Hallel prayers of “Praise” (Psalms 113-118)

-Recite the Al HaNissim prayers of “Thanksgiving” (

-Light your Menorah Candles for 8 days

-Have a Metatronic Meal with foods made with or in oil, like Latkes (fried potato cakes) and Sufganiyot (Fried Filled Jelly Donuts)

-Play Dreidel: The Game of the Moshiach and learn the secrets of “The Circle and Square” see Rabbi Ginsburgh's Book: The Dreidel's Hidden Meanings, mind blower!

-Do a Metatronic Meditation for 18 minutes once you light the candles. (This will be taught in my Chanok=ah Class next week, on Chanukah, Metatron and the Ohr Ganuzic Lights of 25)

Happy Adamic Thanksgiving!

from all of us at

Adamic Center of Waco

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