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22 Days of Awe & Ecstasy

Practical Kabbalah for Yom Kippur

Rabbi Bakst z"l revealed a great secret about the High Holy Days. In his teachings on the Cosmology of the Jewish Holidays, he formulated this visual above to better explain in Kabbalistic and Energetic terms what is happening during this time of year.

As you can see in the timeline we are headed into Yom Kippur. We have walked through the 10 days of 'Spiritual Emplosion' in the creative order and now we will finish up this 10 day cycle with Yom Kippur, the Day of At-One-Ment.

Many ask me about the practical aspects of Kabbalistic teachings, how to apply it to there lives. So I wanted to share some practical applications for this coming Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur ,as I have said before, is the opportunity to connect to the Creator via the Light of Binah, which is called 'Supernal Mother'. This light not only comes to restore those that have 'returned' on this day but to infuse us with the Light of Binah itself.

Rabbi Ashlag teaches that our vessel, if purified with a mikvah on the day before Yom Kippur, will prepare our vessel to be fortified to receive an abundance of this radiant Light of the Creator that will come close to us on this day.

We should also examine our lives, asking the Creator for forgiveness and asking others we have done damage to for forgiveness also. It is our right and duty to be responsible for the damages we have created in our lives and the lives of others. This desire to return (teshuva), ask forgiveness and reconcile builds for us a strong vessel going forward in the this New Year of 5784.

It is said that the Power of Binah, is also a 'mikveh' washing away the errors we have made and it is through this great Light washing over us and in us that restores us to the Creator. Rabbi Ashlag, in 10 Luminous Emanations, tells us that not only at this time can we remove all negativity but we can also transform that negativity into Light.

There are five connections we must make on Yom Kippur, they are called '5 Spiritual Meals' for although we do not eat physical food on this day, we will be eating 'Spiritual Food.'

  1. Abstain from eating and drinking

  2. Bathing

  3. Anointing the body with oil

  4. Sexual Relations

  5. Do not wear leather shoes

Our restriction of these physical activities actually allow for our vessel (body) to be ready to receive the spiritual equivalents. We give all the negativity at this time over to what we call the 'backside' then we will be shielded, bathing and clothed by the Light of Binah as it is able to now rest in us. This gives no place for the Accusing Angel to get in. Our vessel is full of the Light of G-d at this time and with this great light we are atoned.

We do not have sexual intercourse this day, but we do have a union, but it is with the Creator Himself. We do not wear leather shoes as these are made from behemoth and leather is seen to 'bind' us, on this day we are to be angelic, wearing pure white, showing the purity of our vessels and that we are not bound to the 3D physicality at this time.

As Rabbi Ashlag states, "On that day, Yom Kippur, this day is the day of complete devekut. Meaning we are at 'ONE' with our Creator. We are coming that close to G-d on this day!

It is said there are three gifts on this day; the opening of the bank of blessings; the cleansing of our negativity in the mikveh of Binah and the transformation of all our negative actions into Light. The key to all of this is doing the halacha properly, being present, doing the prayers and with great Kavanah, (consciousness/awareness) be ready to receive these Divine Gifts, be certain that you are written in the Book of Life and get ready for an awesome New Year!

G'mar Chatima Tovah! From all of us here at the Adamic Center of Waco!


10 Luminous Emanations

Zohar: Pinchas

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