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Zoom into Zohar!

The universe began not with an atom or a subatomic particle, but with the thought of creation which encompassed a world in which every soul would enjoy happiness and fulfillment, free from any form of chaos or pain.

This is what the Creator desires and intends. But bringing about the realization of the Creator’s desire is up to us. For the manifestation of complete fulfillment to take place, we need to evolve into our truest, greatest selves. In our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions, we need to erase negativity and replace darkness with Light.

It is for this purpose that the teachings and tools of Kabbalah were given to all humanity. One of these great tools is The Zohar.

The Zohar, meaning “Splendor” in ancient Hebrew, is not meant to be regarded the way we regard other books. Its origin is Light, hence the name ZOHAR (brilliance) its purpose is to bring Light, and its nature and substance are Light.

For these words are imbued with the Light of the Creator. In fact, the ancient sages declared that this sacred text contains everything worth knowing and experiencing in this world. As the kabbalists explain, when we scan the Zohar’s pages in their original language of Aramaic, a deep connection to the Creator’s Light comes into being. This takes place in every area of our lives, including our relationships, our spiritual work, and our physical work.

Revealed more than 2,000 years ago, the Zohar is a spiritual text that explains the secrets of the Bible, the Universe and every aspect of life.

Composed by kabbalist Rav Shimon bar Yochai, the Zohar defies definition.

On a physical level, the Zohar is a set of twenty-three books, a commentary on biblical and spiritual matters in the form of conversations among spiritual masters. It is a voluminous guidebook to the lost divine nature of our souls.

It is a compendium of virtually all information pertaining to the universe—information that science is only beginning to verify today. Its vast and comprehensive commentary on biblical matters has captivated spiritual and intellectual giants for over two millennia. (1)

"But its codes, its metaphors, its cryptic language are not given to us purely for understanding. They are designed as channels for energy. Like all holy books, (ie, Torah/Talmud) the Zohar is a text that not only expresses spiritual energy, it embodies it."

The teachings of the Zohar were once considered secrets to which only a few were granted access.While, spiritual and intellectual giants throughout history have turned to the Zohar to unravel the secrets of the Bible and the mysteries of the universe, by the dawn of the 20th century the Zohar had virtually disappeared from the world. Few people in the general population had ever heard of it. Whoever sought to read it—in any country, in any language, at any price—faced a long and futile search.

But we have it now! And this is a part of the Gaon of Vilna's statement that in 1840 the Wisdom's Above and the Wisdom's below would meet and that the Kabbalah, the deepest, truest essence of Torah would be made available for all the world.

Remember the rule in the Adamic Center, No Fear! It is the last thing we declare in the Adon Olam prayer in the Bedtime Shema! "With HaShem there is no FEAR"! Do not have a fear of learning. Although we would all love to have a foundation of years in yeshiva and master's training us, it is not the reality of our current situation. Learning about Torah and all its facets is a must! Yes, establishing a foundation of Torah and Psha't (literal and simple) meaning is important, that is why here at the Adamic Center of Waco we focus on the model of learning what Rabbi Bakst transmitted to us, which is the 'quick induction' of learning.

Many souls are ingathering now and desperate to learn more about Torah and HaShem so there are ways to do this without it being problematic. It is not so hard with HaShem, man makes it difficult and hard.

ZOOM into ZOHAR....teaching classes available, reach out and let us know how we can assist you in your Torah journey!

(1) Zohar, Prologue and Kabbalah Centre

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