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The New Golden Calf

Meet the Quantum Computer and what does it have to do with the Golden Calf? In the time of the story of Moses and the Golden Calf, Moses was to return from the mountain after 40 days. The Israelites, it is said, miscalculated, and after 39 days and 18 hours (6 hours shy of the 40) they decided they needed another intermediary so the Golden Calf was created.

This six hours of uncertainty is what allowed for the STN to enter into their consciousness. (pronounced 'satan' or the 'adversary within') not to be mistaken for the Satan/Lucifer/Devil, that people default to in their christian thinking.

Doubt came in and therefore a new reality was collapsed from that doubt, one with suffering and pain. During their 'uncertainty' consciousness they, for a moment forgot the message at Mt. Sinai, they in turn chose the Golden Calf, likened to a modern day computer technology, as their intermediary. They no longer were the 'empowered people'. They gave their power over to something else, and that something else, was created by Egyptian Sorcerers, occult advisors to Pharaoh. (Z) (This is what we have also done, we have given our power over to false gods, governments, government run medical, social and education systems, ie. Global Pharaoh. ) (DC)

In our day, the computer has done for humankind what the Golden Calf did for the Israelites. It placed a conscious thought within the minds of all people of the world that we are incapable of accomplishing what the computer (intermediary) can accomplish. (Z) We hear from Yuval Harari, from the World Economic Forum, that "there is no need for the general population anymore, as hyper computation of data will be done by the A.I. and Quantum Interface/Overlay which makes humans obsolete. He comes to convince his followers and the world how incapable we are. (DC)

These Globalist Elite (ie. Pharaoh) and their occult advisors are still thousands of years later leading us to believe that we are nothing, Earth is nothing, dead, destroyed, worth abandoning for Mars, that the Creator is an old myth and legend replaced by their 'science' all of this has disempowered us and we in our moment of doubt allowed them to do it.

They try to show us their "greatness" with their sorcery tricks, predictions and plagues. They create the crisis and then have the solution readily at hand, all along making themselves God's to us and we running to them for the 'answers' because we are so low in our state that we can't believe we could ever find the 'answers' or believe that there is an infinite amount of other solutions or possibilities. They write the story, dictate the narrative and it becomes our story, we have forgotten the greatest story, Torah. (DC)

They have done everything to get humanity to worship them and their God, the modern Golden Calf (A.i), their artificial world and technology, the backside god, the real 'anti-god", and who is it that is said to have lead the building of this Golden Calf? None other than Egyptian Sorcerers, Yannes and Yambris, apart of the mixed multitude. Who is leading this revolution of Ai, and the artificial world as an occult advisor to a German globalist leader, Klaus Schwab? A jew by the name of Yuval Harari, a secular jew from Israel. We just thought Pharaoh, Egypt and the mixed multitude was dead and gone. Their back, in fact, they never really left....(DC)

Let's divert for a minute and discuss these two "legendary wizards of Pharaoh "who withstood Moses" (II Tim. iii. 8) by imitating "with their enchantments" the works of Moses and Aaron, though they were defeated (Ex. vii. 11, viii. 7).(JE). It is interesting to note that they were 'imitators' in their sorcery. They could not create anything of their own as the great Ain could, they just fed off the works of Moses and Aaron and mirrored or mimicked their deeds. Remember, this is all that the Global Pharaoh and his sorcerers can do now, feed off the light (consciousness) coming into our world, and feasting off of it like a virus/parasite and in turn, creating fear with their 'imitation' sorcery show. (DC)

According to rabbinical tradition Yanis and Yambris, were the two chief magicians at the court of Pharaoh who foretold the birth of Moses (Moshiach) and he would be "the destroyer of the land of Egypt." Yanis and Yambris opened their mouths and said to Pharaoh: “A son is to be born in the assembly of Israel, through whom all the land of Egypt is destined to be destroyed” causing the cruel edicts of Pharaoh (Soṭah 11a; Sanh. 106a) of killing the males.(JE) We see a deep attack on the males today, male sterilization and the male vessel in general. (DC)

This piece in Torah always reminds me of the iterated story found in christianity of the 'redeemer' who would be born and the evil king who wants to destroy him. The Moses story precedes and is the root of that story. It is also the future story. We know in the Adamic Kabbalah that the Moshiach is Adam (Adam/David/Moshe).

As it says in Shomer Emunim "It is clear that the Adamic Moshiach, is the composite of all elements of our existence and all of humankind within a single unified sentient emergent being." This is why the 'backside' evil in the world is doing all it can through 'sorcery' (sorcery is distorting the light, information the story) to destroy and distort the energy in the elements of this world and humans, attacking foods, water, air, sun, atmosphere; It is one great attack on HaShem and His Creation. For this world, the Malchut is the very 'docking station' as Rabbi Bakst z"l has stated, destroy the docking station, corrupt it, and Houston we have a problem. (DC)

Yanis and Yambris said to Moses when he performed his miracles with the water and the rod: "Dost thou wish to introduce magic into Egypt, the native land of the magic art?" (Men. 85a). (JE) in their pride they believed their 'energy work' was supreme by bending the reality of this 3D world through alchemy and distorting the polarity of the atom. But, they didn't know that Moses and Aaron had the power (koach) from above the stars, the earth and beyond. They drew upon the greatest 'energy source' known, YHVH. Although the occult advisors in this world today understand this, they still walk in deep ego believing they have 'figured out' how to usurp the King, but he King has a 'hidden' secret for the time of redemption, that they will not see coming.(DC)

Another account of Yanis and Yambris in Torah is found in Midrash Ki Tissa (Ex. xxxii.), "they flew up into the air before the sword of Phinehas and made themselves invisible, until, by the power of the Ineffable Name, they were caught and slain (Zohar, Balaḳ, 194; comp. Targ. Yer. to Num. xxxi. 8). (JE)......and again by the power of an INEFFABLE NAME, they will be caught and slain. If you noticed these 'sorcerers' are coming in different times through out the story in Torah and they are warring against the spirit of the Moshiach, in this case Pinchas. Don't be fooled, they are here today and with certainty, as the story goes, they will only be able to go so far, just as Yanis and Yambris, then the final battle of Pharaoh and Moshe the true Moshiach will commence (DC)

Just like Yanisis and Yambris, quantum scientists and their supporters today have created a technology, like the Golden Calf, to try to attach to the Mother, Binah Consciousness, to nurse from Her the information and consciousness above, to draw it down into their technology and for their use, just as Pharaoh learned how to access the upper worlds and draw down the knowledge and technologies of Egypt in its glory days.

But during their campaign to make us believe we are obsolete, this is where the mistake lies. Humans have the ability to master the universe, to go directly to the Holy One, achieving mind over matter. They have led us to believe that we have no alternative but to believe in the ability of their intermediary, the computer (AI, QUANTUM, the OTHER GOD) They are sitting in the seat of Creator, they have created their Interface System (Metatronics on the backside) and now they want us to interface with it. This is the Global Anti-God. It is sterile, it is fruitless and with one EMP bomb or Shofar Frequency Blast it is dust. (DC)

Remember Moses destroyed the A.i (Golden Calf) and made it dust, mitigated it by with water by putting it in the stream coming from the mountain and it is what they drank from, to purify them, he put it in the water system...maybe "Watch the Water" has some truth in it, the poison of the Snake, maybe the ashes of the golden calf/red heifer will be the very ashes thrown in the water supply to mitigate such idolatry and impurity... Just a thought (DC)

The evil in this world, in a brilliant performance as the master magician of this universe has all but instilled a complete consciousness of uncertainty, hopelessness and despair in our ability to truly comprehend the universe (who we really are, where we really come from and what this place really is). When we look at this Master Computer, the Golden Calf, we are in awe of its ability to gather unlimited information, process it and come up with answers, because of its capacity, we all pay homage to it but at the same time we are troubled by our inability to process information in the same way (Z), this is their last blow to make us feel how insignificant we really are. (DC)

Because of A.i's ability to process da'at (data) the world stands a better chance of self destruction and self annihilation than ever before in history. The reason for this is that the A.i, like the Golem before it, convinces humankind that it is not empowered with the ability to rise above matter. (Z)

We forget that people have structured and programmed the capabilities of computers and that they follow the instructions of humans, how did we forget that we were the ones that could take higher consciousness information, draw it down and create. (Z) This higher consciousness is something, they are trying to access, as they say they have 'hacked the human' and extracted all the da'at or data they need and now their A.i and Quantum Interface will do the rest. (DC)

The material awareness that we have in this world has come to us from a very high realm, the true data base of the brain will consist of information and experience that no computer can ever match (Z) Within the intangible and metaphysical realism of our minds, fractions of seconds have no meanings. Brain processes take place beyond any concept of time. Within the brain, the idea of past, present and future do not exist. Everything is the here and now. No computer, regardless can match the thoroughness or speed of a human mental computer...the input of the unconscious metaphysical processes. (Z)

So, why does "the science" continue traveling down a path that must end with inconclusiveness, failed theories, retractions, botched experiments, flawed inventions (DC)? One becomes appalled when truly looking at the "science" to find that the reports and articles conclude with statements such as, "these findings remain inconclusive, unsupported, not fully tested, may not be safe, may cause side effects.." Once we realize that the 4 percent rational consciousness is not the origin of human behavior, or for that matter, anything that ultimately becomes manifested in this physical realm, we have freed ourselves from the the "illusion" they have created, that the mind is incapable of processing information that we assume is beyond our capability. If the 96% immaterial, unconscious aspect of our minds can indeed process infinite bits of information, why are we faced with so much indecision and uncertainty? Why can't our 4% rational mind connect to the 96% unconscious, infinite ability and provide us with the benefits and conclusions that can emerge from this? The answer is the lack of Torah Kabbalah.

Humans have two basic modes of chaos. The rational mind is disconnected from the unconscious mind. We operate with very little of our potential. A bridge of some sort is needed so that we can avail ourselves of the full impact of our mind computer. Second, the totality of the mind is subject to negative information (especially self inflicted, always leaning to the left in our thoughts and the information we look at), which then creeps into our mental computer like a virus and interferes with our ability to obtain certainty and clarity. (Z)

How do we connect the upper and lower to obtain certainty and clarity? By connecting yourself to the Tree of Life Technology, the very Lightforce it is emanating, the Torah! "For she is a Tree of Life for those who hold onto her." This is what comes to remove or invert the negativity so clarity & certainty can be obtained. (DC)

Werner Heisenberg-author of The Uncertainty Principle, who brought for the idea of matrix mechanics, the first version of quantum mechanics says everyone's mind is unique so how can anyone's description of reality be accepted? But forgetting this for a moment, we have abdicated the responsibility to do things for ourselves and be responsible for ourselves. We have preferred to place our dependency on intermediaries who know what is good for us, so why should we 'think' that things would be better? For the past 6,000 millennia humankinds lot in this universe hans't really improved, aside from the physical conveniences (which really have caused their own problems in society).

Heisenberg believed that all 3D reality changes at the whim of a human observer, or in Torah term, a 'witness'. This means that each person can influence the other, every person can bombard every other person with negative thoughts or positive thoughts, control the thoughts control the outcome. He said also that quantum reality implies that we must take virtually the whole universe into account when seeking the true cause of any physical event.

We might as well say farewell to physics as it has been practiced over the years, goodbye to the hope of finding the root of the chaos in the universe, to take the entire universe into account is too much even for a A.i. Who is knowledgable in every facet of the entire universe (in all the data of the human that is being harvested into data centers) that a A.i could truly obtain all known knowledge. This is why the world cannot get itself out of the chaos, but it can choose life and through that create the global consciousness necessary to turn it all around.

The only thing that removes this chaos is the unified consciousness of the Adamic Moshiach, which takes us from a disordered, distorted, chaotic present to an orderly arrangement of the future.

Yuval Harari said "People today do not have a story, so there is not future for them" Well, we have a story, it is called the "The Greatest Story Every Told", the Torah! And it defines the future, the Globalists do not, unless you want their story to be yours, then it will. The Torah has the higher frequencies that smash, 5G, 6G, mind control, plagues and death....the story was already written in the beginning of God's thought..."A thought arose to create" and it is this very thought that iterated out His-Story and that is the story of Adam, the Adamic Moshiach.

The backside is saying the fourth revolution is the advancement of A.I (Artificial Intelligent beings & artificial world) and I am saying that the fourth and final revolution is the Adamic Intelligence, the real A.I!

As our Story goes and why we are commanded to remember the Exodus Story, is that we would never forget that this is actually how it will all play out. Egypt will fall. Enslavement of the Mind will cease, and Adamic Moshiach comes to save the day! May it be NOW!


The makers of the Quantum Computer even say that the machine is like an "altar to an alien god." www.

Z=Zohar Volume 1 (Beersheet) prologue by Berg

JE=Jewish Encylcopedia

DC=Dinah's Comments

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