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"No Blood Sacrifices, No Atonement!"

Living in a predominately christian community we hear a lot about the fact that the Jews no longer have a Temple to offer sacrifices for atonement, therefore atonement can only come from the death of a human, in this case Yeshu aka Jesus. I also get to hear that because we don't accept Yeshu as an offering for our sins, we are doomed to Gehinnom, cut off, rejected and lost for ever!

First, let's establish a basic principle, that is much needed to hear and learn today! If someone tells you there is only one way of doing something, RUN!

In God's world (HaShem) there are many ways to approach Him, to reconnect, reconcile and redeem. It is this limited thinking and lack of true Torah knowledge and the teachings thereof that keep this false teaching alive and well in 2022.

First let's establish that God of the Bible/Torah forbids human sacrifice, the drinking of blood of the animal and human, lets establish this first. Hold on to this...

Second, I don't really like the word sacrifice and neither does Torah. It lessens the essence of what is really happening in the Korbanot (offerings) that we Jews offer, still to this day to HaShem. The word "sacrifice" also has alot of what we call 'klippah' (husk/concealment/shell) on it, so let's knock it off and redeem the word and understanding from a Torah and Kabbalistic perspective. The word for sacrifice is "Korban."

Third, there is a precise way this operating system works, the korbanot. It must be done with a high priest, the person present, in the Temple or at the Tent of Meeting. It must be a specific animal that is brought, no giraffes or monkeys.

The blood must be placed precisely on the altar. The rest of the blood is poured into the ground. The person places their hands on the head of the animal, making a transfer of his unintentional sins. The High Priest offers the Korban up on the fire. He removes the offering and gives pieces of it back to the family to enjoy as a Divine Meal. The rest will be given to the Priest to eat.

Yes it was a BBQ, so for those of you who are so terribly concerned about the possibility of the sacrificial system coming back in at the end of days and say ewww, how could that happen... well, I don't know why it offends people so much, seeing that Texas is the capital of BBQ's.

I get it it seems harsh and unnecessary, but remember most of all the offerings including the animals, flour, oils, etc. where eaten and consumed by the family that brought them and the priests. We should be more offended how we treat those same animals today that we consume, feeding them poisons, putting them in unatural enclosures, making them sick and treating them I would say from what we read in the Torah they did a great job of being humane to the offerings, maybe we could learn something from them.

Back to the Korban.... in Hebrew Korban means "Offering." Now, that being said, we pray daily in the Siddur ('Order) prayers called "Korbanot." When the Temple was destroyed the sages of the Greater Assembly created the Siddur.

The Siddur replaced the offerings/korbanot. The purpose of the Siddur was to fill the void that was created by the absence of the offerings and Temple. What has become distorted through out time, especially inside of christianity & the world is the purpose of the korban in the first place.

Some offerings where brought to express thanksgiving, other's to cancel out the negative frequencies from our actions, some people call this 'sin', in Hebrew it is called 'cheit' or 'miscalculation; missing the mark." These are un-intentional acts that where done and could be corrected by the offering. Yes, I said 'un-intentional' acts, the 'intentional' sins/cheit only 'teshuva' or repentance & death can do that.

The Hebrew word, Korban in it's root form KRV, means 'warfare' and also KEERUV, which means to 'come close'. What does war have to do with offering? Bring close how? It is said, through the offerings we go to war against the negative forces in ourselves and at large and bring ourselves closer to what the Kabbalists call the 'Upper Worlds."

Let it be known, the Jews are still fighting the negative forces, not only collectively but individually, we are still 'drawing close/bringing close' the upper and lower worlds. We are always atoning, becoming At-ONE-ment with our God. How are we doing it? Prayers, Rituals and the very Holy Letters they are formed out of!


Guess what folks, it was never just about the 'flesh' of the animal, most of that was burnt up, eaten or distributed to the workers in the Temple. It was about something inside the animal. What was it? The Hebrew letters, the very spiritual DNA of the animal!

"Obviously, we no longer bring korbanot to the Holy Temple. However, the sages understood that each Korban (offering) had its own DNA level of energy; therefore, with the destruction of the Temple, the Sages gave us the DNA formula (placed in the Siddur/Prayer Book) so that we can arouse the same forces of energy that were aroused 2,000 years ago. Therein lies the power of the Hebrew Letters that compose the Korbanot. By simply reciting these Korbanot (in the Siddur) with (all your heart, all your soul), you are generating the same amount of power/koach as if you were carrying out all the proper actions in the Holy Temple."- Kabbalistic Daily Siddur

MIND BLOWER???? That is an understatement.

If this doesn't cause you to pause, then I don't know what will. We think we are just now understanding the Quantum level of realties and DNA, our Sages of blessed memory understood it well, and they didn't even have a laboratory with microscopes!

The power/koach in the animal, the DNA itself, the Hebrew Letters that the Holy One combined that actually created the animal, this is what is being offered or elevated, the letters are the korbanot and the korbanot are the letters, get it? It is the essence of the animal that is being elevated again not the flesh.

The Nefesh (animal) DNA level of the soul is coming to correct the Nefesh (animal) DNA level of the man where the cheit/sin did damage, this is called a homeopathic remedy; like cures like. Measure for Measure.

By simply reciting with your mouth, the Korbanot prayers with all the intention of knowing, you are generating the same amount of power/koach as if we were carrying out the actual act. God always has another way, anyone who tells you there is only ONE WAY of doing something is not being truthful.

Do you think the Holy One, Creator of all things, would take His people, his very souls and leave them with no way to connect? Do you think He would only give you one way to atone, or re-connect?

Let's see what Abraham said to HaShem on the matter....

R'Ami explains Abrham's request:

Abraham said before the Holy One,

"Blessed is He; Master of the universe! Perhaps Heaven forbid, Israel will 'cheit' before you, (remember what I said earlier about the word 'sin' is 'cheit') and You will do to them as You did to the generation of the flood and the generations of the Dispersion.

He said: No! Abraham said before God: Master of the Universe! Whereby shall I know with what will they atone for their 'cheit'. God said to Abraham, "Bring me three calves." This indicates that by bringing the korbanot (offerings) this will atone for Abraham's descendants. (1)

Abraham said before the Holy One," Master of the Universe, That is fine for the times when the Holy Temple will be in existence, but in the time when the Holy Temple will not be in existence, what will be with them?"

God said to Abraham: I have already established for them the Scriptural section of offerings. Whenever they read from them, I will consider it as if they were bringing an offering before Me, and I will forgive them all of their sins/'cheit'

Since the existence of Heaven and Earth depend on the offerings, as stated by R' Ami, God must certainly have instituted a remedy whereby the lack of a Temple can be overcome, and the merit of offerings he attained even in the post-Temple era. (2)

It is said that "Whoever studies the laws of the burnt offering is considered to have actually offered it."(Menachot 110a )

The Baal Shem Tov says, "Though the Temple and sacrificial order has been destroyed, the words of Torah that correspond to these mitzvot remain. They are like a garment that enclothes the essential spiritual energy of the sacrifices/korbanot, and allows us to add vitality to that energy when we recite the words properly." KeterShem Tov(par. 193).

Gershom Scholem wrote:

The secret world of the godhead is a world of language, a world of divine names that unfold in accordance with a law of their own. The elements of the divine language appear as the letters of the Holy Scriptures. Letters and names are not only conventional means of communication. They are far more. Each one of them represents a concentration of energy and expresses a wealth of meaning which cannot be translated, or not fully at least, into human language. When the Kabbalists...speak of divine names and letters, they necessarily operate with the twenty-two consonants of the Hebrew alphabet, in which the Torah is written, or as they would have said, in which its secret essence was made communicable. (On the Kabbalah and Its Symbolism, 1965, p. 36.)

"The shape of the letters as they appear in a kosher Torah Scroll correspond spiritually to the upper worlds, as do all of the combinations of the alphabet and all of the numerological calculations which arise from them. When the Creator first formed the letters, He created them as hidden light which cannot be comprehended. He the lowered, them one step at a time, until they were embodied in the form of the heavenly letters, which are spiritual lights and when he gave them to us, He further embodied them in physical form, on the model of the Neshama which cannot dwell in this world without a physical body to carry it."- Ginsburgh, R

"If a soul sins without knowing," Nefesh tee techta beeshgagah" This means, the 'Nefesh' aspect of the soul, lower self which is likened to the animal, Nefesh meaning 'animal' if it makes a 'miscalculation' it is necessary 'measure for measure' that he give a offering that imbibes the very essence where the 'sin/cheit' occurred. In the 'Nefesh or Animal Soul' therefore as man and behemoth was created on the same day, it is for that purpose that the animal (Nefesh) and the essence of it is used to actually 'cancel out' if you will the blemish that was made in the person.


Let's start with the verse that is used as a proof text for the 'blood as the only atonement." Leviticus 17:10-13-Chumash Stone Edition, Artscroll, pg. 647. First Rule: Get a Chumash, a Hebrew Bible...Second Rule: Don't take things out of context, leave them where God put them!

"Any man of the House of Israel and of the proselyte who dwells among them who will consume any blood, I shall concentrate My attention upon the soul (Nefesh) consuming the blood, and I will cut it off from the midst of its people. ."For the soul (Nefesh) of the flesh (Basar) is in the blood (Dam) and I have assigned it for you upon the Altar to provide atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that atones for the soul. Therefore, I have said to the Children of Israel: "Any person among you may not consume blood; and the proselyte who dwells among you many not consume blood." Any man of the Children of Israel and of the proselyte who dwells among them who will trap a beast or bird that may be eaten, he shall pour out its blood and cover it with earth. For the life of any creature- its blood represents its life, so I say to the Children of Israel, "You shall not consume the blood of any creature; for the life of any creature is its blood, whoever consumes it will be cut off."

Ah! see you have to have blood to atone! Wait...what was Rule #2? Don't take things out of context....

Zoom out! What is being discussed her. Atonement? No. Blood. What it is and not to consume it. What is wrong with consuming the blood of a human or an animal (basar=flesh)? Why does an Infinite Being care, if you eat the blood of an animal?

If you do eat the blood/'Nefesh' or 'animal soul' you are lowering yourself to the 'animal' level. God's world is all about elevating! Not descending. God wants you to rise to the highest level of your soul: Neshama, not lower yourself to the animal soul (Nefesh). This is why the Nefesh Soul of the Animal corrected the place where the man 'sinned' which was in his Nefesh (animal soul). Animal soul for Animal soul. For it is the animal acts we do that disconnect us from the Holy One.

"Because life (chai/chaya) is dependent upon the blood, God designated blood as the medium that goes upon the Altar for atonement, as if to say, "Let one life (Nefesh Soul) be offered to atone for another life (Nefesh Soul). Consequently, it is not appropriate for the blood/nefesh soul to be eaten. -Rashi/Sifra.

The life giving force in animals is borne in the blood which is why blood is the appropriate agent of atonement, not because God has any desire for blood per se, but because it represents man's (Nefesh).

Now back to THE BLOOD! "You have to have the blood in order to have atonement?"-says one christian. Well I am not saying you don't have to have blood, although there where offerings of flour, oil, incense and others that did not have 'blood' in them. That being said, blood in Hebrew Letters, is DAM (Dalet-Mem=44) add an Aleph on that you have ADMj (Adam=45).

What you have to have is the "Life in the blood", the inner essence is what we are after. The soul. The blood is separated from the animal and placed in specific places in the Temple, this was not done with any

righteous person who died, only specific animals were used for this.

The spiritual essence of blood is Dalet-Mem or number 44. So what the sages are telling us in the Kabbalah is that the actual letters DAM, Dalet & Mem, they are the energetic name essence of blood itself, spiritual DNA, that gives the physical blood its form and function, that these letters if read and spoken actually are 'blood.'

What! The letters are the very frequency or essence of 'blood'. So while everyone is worrying about a 'physical offering' down here in 3D land, the Sages are telling us what is really being offered up, the Spiritual Essence of the animal, that part of the divine energy of God or power, that is embedded in the animal. Game changer! Right?

Another example of the letters being used in place of 'blood', is the Mezuzah, we don't daub blood on our doorposts to keep the 'angel of death' away, we use the letters of the Holy Name and the inscription inside the Mezuzah to do the same work as the blood did in the Exodus story. Again, its the names, combination of letters and the single letters themselves, these are frequencies, this what is affecting it.

So while others are concerned that us Jews are going to Hell, (which doesn't exist, its called Gehinom and it is another story for another day) we will be doing our "Daily Offerings" elevating the very essence of those Offerings to our God and creating the very atonement that the Holy One desires for us to have with him, the true 'at-one-ment'!

Did you know that the Jews in the Temple times where making atonement for the nations via the offerings and we are still doing them to this day, let's look here.....

"These seventy oxen correspond to the original seventy nations of the world enumerated in the Torah who descended from the sons of Noah, and are the ancestors of all of the nations till this day. Israel brought these sacrifices as atonement for the nations of the world, and in prayer for their well-being; as well as for universal peace and harmony between them."

Thus our Sages taught, "You find that during the Festival Succot, Israel offers seventy oxen for the seventy nations. Israel says:

Master of the Universe, behold we offer You seventy oxen in their behalf, and they should have loved us. Instead, in the place of my love, they hate me (Psalms 109)." Further, they remarked: "If the nations of the world would have known the value of the Temple for them, they would have surrounded it with a fortress in order to protect it. For it was of greater value to them than for Israel [instead, they destroyed it]" (Bamidbar Rabba 1).

So we are still doing our job regardless, for those who are Torah Observant, we are keeping the lights on! I always laugh when someone says in a demeaning way, about us being 'chosen' to the exclusion of themselves.

I always tell them, "do you know what we were 'chosen' for?" You wouldn't want the job! Jews have work to do, we do the work of the Adamic Moshiach, who is finishing up His mission that got derailed in the Garden of Eden

Suffice it to say also, eating the body and blood of Yeshu (Jesus) well.....the Torah/Bible says, "any man of the house of Israel and the proselyte who dwells among them who will consume ANY blood, I shall concentrate My attention upon the soul consuming the blood and I will cut it off from the midst of its people."

Happy are the righteous in this world and in the next world, who know the ways of Torah, and who follow it on the path of truth. It is written about them, “The Lord, by them they live.” “By them” are the ways of Torah. “Live” means that they will exist in this world and in the World to Come. Amen!

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