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"Let there be Light"

The Adamic Kabbalah is based on the teachings of the Gaon of Vilna. His declaration "To the extent that one lacks knowledge of the properties of the natural forces (via the sciences), he will lack one hundred fold (literally, 'one hundred gates') in the wisdom of Torah." The 'wisdom of the Torah' is the esoteric teachings, the Kabbalah.

Here at the Adamic Center we see it as imperative to use the models of science, especially quantum models, to help us greater understand the deeper teachings of the Torah.

There are so many wonderful things to say about the Hanukah season. But today I wanted to share in the spirit of seeing the Sciences and Kabbalah as two sides to one coin, that I share with you an amazing Jew who changed the face of Science and the way the world see's 'light'.

Albert Einstein, named the 'Man of the Millenia' was a Jewish scientist born in Germany. We all know a bit about Einstein so I will not repeat what we know, instead I want to share how he was rooted in the unveiling of light in messianic process that we are currently moving through.

Einstein, as we should know, at an early age of 26, began receiving deep insights into physics questions he was asking himself. A man who rejected the German 'public school' model and spoke boldly about preserving the ability to cultivate the imagination, he asked himself questions about the universe and then used 'mind/thought experiments' to uncover the answers.

Yes, you heard it right, 'thought experiments.' Think scientists are only working in the 3D, physical labs and processes, think again! As a Jew he understood full well the power of thought, meditation and imagination, the power of the kasha question and through these mediums he discovered and revealed the 'light' in a way that man had not seen.

He believed that having knowledge was nothing compared to knowing how to think and cultivating that process. He understood that when a person understands consciousness proper that you have the ability to tap into the highest sources via the thought. It is how we gain 'new insights' into Torah. It all started in the thought. "And it arose in God's thought to create..."

You could say that Einstein came to reveal the hidden aspects of light in our universe, not only the light we see but even clues and hints to the hidden 'Ohr Ganuzic' light. 'His work led him to discover that every bit of matter in the universe contains in it the potential for releasing tremendous amounts of energy. This insight led to the creation of atomic bombs, which later seeing that man would use this knowledge and energy for evil, he began lobbying against the very thing he helped create.' (1) Working with the light, the energy and essence is the most powerful endeavor one can experience. Whether it be the physical light of the spiritual.

This great Jewish 'Light' brought us closer to understanding the inner ATOMIC workings that has also given way to understand the greater ADAMIC workings. I love the play on words here. Not only did Einstein bring us closer to the revealing and understanding of the Ohr Ganuzic light of the Messianic Era, he represented a true Jew, who not only brought light into the world but defended it. I did not know the Hitler and his Gestapo persecuted and killed Jewish scientists and threatened Einsteins life and his works. Can we imagine a world without E=mc2?

He helped establish the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and made a very 'messianic' statement at the dedication.

"I am very happy to be able to lecture in this land from which emerged Torah and light to the whole enlightened world and before this building that will be the center of 'WISDOM and SCIENCE."

This 'wisdom and science' he speaks of is the foundation of Adamic Kabbalah, Wisdom (Kabbalah-4D) and Science(3D). Both levels of consciousness from the lowest sciences and discoveries of Elohim, the physical universe, to the highest levels of hidden and esoteric wisdom, of YH-VH. The Sciences below and Wisdom above are all the Creator's consciousness! Everything here is HaShem!

During such a dark time in the history not only of the Jew but the world, Einstein continued his quest to reveal more of the light in this world and the understanding of it. It is said that his last works where striving for understanding how to bring Shalom (peace) in the world which it is said alluded Einstein and his colleagues.

He was determined to reveal the formula for 'Unified Field Theory.' I call it TOE, 'Theory of Everything.' It is interesting in our body the big toe is the seat of the pineal gland in the feet. Chinese medicine shows us that if we stimulate the tip of the big toe it will stimulate the pineal gland, as will the tips of our thumbs and the lobes of our ears. Rabbi Bakst z'l was fascinated with the pineal gland and believed it imperative for people to have a deep understanding of the Luz Bone. We do know that this bone of light is the very part of our body that will be used to resurrect mankind as the Talmud teaches us.

I believe with all my heart and there are scientific sources from Greg Braden and Dr. Michio Kaku, that allude to the name of YH-VH to be that name formula that will express the Unified Field Theory. It is difficult to understand unless you are learned in the depths of what the name formula of God is, but suffice it to say, that this name encompasses all of creation and is the name of Unification.

Einstein was working on the next phases of the messianic process, the desire for Shalom which comes and seeing God and His Name as One. Wow, what a light. He finished out his days with one thing on his mind, the Light. But not jut the external light, he says in a final statement, "In the time left to me to live, I just want to reflect on the essence of the light." That is our Hanukah 'Ohr Ganuzic Light" that we will have the blessing of revealing in our homes when we light the Menorah.

Now more than ever we must begin seeing everything 'Unified.' No longer can we separate these great consciousnesses, religion-science-spiriutality. The last great revelation that this 'Great Jewish Light' left us with was the encouragement to finish what he could not, Peace and Unity!

Jews are called to be "A light to the World" now more than ever we need to take up our soul mission and be ready to finish the work that our souls came into this world to achieve. Not just for ourselves but for the whole collective soul of those devout to YH-VH, Israel and of course the Nations!

May you all have an Ohr Ganuzic Hanukah, one filled with Light and Love, family and friends and in your meditation during these 8 days, think about Einstein's last two unfinished works, Peace in the World and Unity and let's in our thought experiment manifest it!

Chag Sameach,

Dinah Miriam Miller, CMH HP KP

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