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From the Rabbi....

"We make the mistake as thinking the Messiah is only a person, this causes a lot of confusion, the 2 (twin) messiahs have many different levels and manifestations, they can be generational, manifestations of technology and science, and they contain each other. They will have a bit of each other in each other. We are currently at the edge of the Josephic era, as the Davidic era approaches.

The entirety of our reality from the time of the collapse/fall of Adamic consciousness, the fall from the garden, all of this 6,000 years until now is called the Josephic Messiah, in the big picture.

In the garden there is two messiahs (manifestations), so the Josephic which was potentially inside of the Davidic, it had to turned inside out, that is the part that goes down now to reconstruct and resurrect and makes tikkun (corrections) on all 6,000 years, so this whole period up until now, is Josephic. When Adam caused the collapse of dimensionality, the Josephic messiah/consciousness fell out and turned inside out, this is the part that fell out and is here to make Tikkun and resurrection.

When Moshiach (messiah) comes who is it? That is the Original Adam coming from the higher garden, the Davidic messiah, and that part of Him, temporarily goes down into exile, this whole reality is exile. When His tikkun is completed then the Josephic aspect of time and space will go back inside the Davidic, were it came from. In that process the Josephic messiah is space, time & physicality as we know it.

When we think of a person being the complete messiah, it is not! It is a construct, MBD/MBJ (Moshiach Ben David/ Moshaich Ben Joseph) is the name of the discipline of the wisdom of cosmology, of how Torah operates, it is the OPERATING SYSTEM. MBJ must be ‘killed’ because once 3D reality is finished and redeemed it has no more necessary function, it is killed or must die, but not completely, it gets turned outside in, and it becomes the inner lining of the Davidic messiah, hence the words "Od Yoseph Chai" (and Joseph lives), all is Josephic messianic consciousness currently, all of reality including the big bang.

When Adam did the Cheit (negation/miscalculation/sin), he created time and space and all the higher dimensional six days of creation which reappeared and manifest in the lower dimension, our world, and therefore it seems like we have an ancient past on earth 13.4 billion years of the universe, and it is a very confusing at first, then it makes since, but at the end it is the Josephic as the Davidic comes in.

There is an interface that is going on, and there is part of the Davidic consciousness that is part of the Josephic, but we are at the edge of Josephic, bringing in the Davidic, and what can we do or pray to help that? We can’t change anything but we can accelerate by stimulation, that is the reunification of the twin messiahs, therefore saying the "Leshem Yichud" prayer. This prayer assists this messianic process.

What we are doing is reuniting, upper and lower, through our learning and learning that what we are doing is dedicated to the twin messiahs, to the messianic processes. Don’t think of an individual person, think about the process, think about Torah Cosmology, the names of energies, forces and then that the Holy One and Shekinah are HUG- the Gevurot fell out of the Hasisdim, (they are those very energies and forces.)

This reunification will take place in the KLAL(collective) and the PRAT (individual) level, macro/micro. Anytime there is a tikkun/elevation being made, that is and you are unifying literally these two energies of the twin messiahs. It hast to be, because the twin messiahs are none other than, the masculine and feminine, this whole reality we are in is all female energy (receiving) relative to the garden of eden. (masculine)

When Moshiach comes there will be the reunion of all feminine energies that will be reunited with all masculine energy. Be careful with male/female, he and her and current cultural concepts, (CCC), (when the battle loose the war) feminine and masculine, it is, we will think of men and women, instead of the very energies they express, which are the curved, restricted light (gevurah/female) and the straight, expanded light (hasadim/male)." (We term this in the Adamic Kabbalah as HUG, hasidim (male) and Gevurot (female) they must HuG, to create the connection and channel for the Life Force of God to manifest.)

Dinah's Notes: We must be careful with the confusion currently of the gender battles, as it is clear that if we do not have the polarity of masculine and feminine proper that the vessel cannot receive the light, proper. By confusing the vessel (ie. the person) of their sexual orientation or what they 'identify as' this causes the light force of the Holy One to not be able to 'dock' to the vessel. Regardless of how society sees the sexual issues we are seeing today, we must understand the underlying system and how it works. The Holy One is all about connections, but proper connections. When we belittle the feminine energy or masculine energy we are causing a break in the circuitry of how the Holy One transmits and how we receive the light force and very consciousness of God in this world. Let us be vigilant in understanding how precious proper unions are and the Leshem Yichud, "May the Holy One and His Shekinah be United". With this powerful prayer we create the necessary right/left/center polarity structure to unite Heaven and Earth, the Josephic with the Davidic messianic consciousness ourselves to our Creator!

Shabbat Shalom! (Upcoming article: "The Secret of Shabbat")

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In this world, everything is inverted AND upside down. Our job is to correct our 'vision' and see things as they REALLY are! Then once we have it turned around.... head for Home! :-)

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