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Adamic News: Yesod Clowns

I have the pleasure of people asking me a lot of questions. I can honestly say where we are holding currently in this world is like watching a very disturbing circus! Rabbi Bakst z'l said it would be like a "Sci-Fi Horror Show," he was right. My contemplating all these events unfolding has led me to some answers as why we are experiencing these peculiar events in this Messianic Era. One particular question that was asked to me about these events was.... "Why are drag queens entertaining children and parents allowing for this, it is a strange phenomenon indeed.."

This particular phenomenon is the attack on the children in our nation, specifically with promoting Drag Queens dancing and interacting with their children in parades, schools and even Churches. What is the force moving this behavior in humans? It is one thing to condemn it for what it is, it is quite another to understand it as a phenomenon that is manifesting at present and try to see it as "sign" or indication of where we are at in the timeline of redemption. I titled this piece the Yesod Clowns for a 'renaming' of the drag queens. This name will give us a clearer understanding of what they are and why it is manifesting this way. First, let's understand what level of consciousness we need in order to understand this very disturbing and intriguing issues...

The beauty of Adamic Kabbalah is that to acquire the inner 'Tree of Life' which is Wisdom (Chochmah), in turn allows for you to have 'eyes to see and ears to hear.' It is not enough that we remain and eat on the 'Tree of Knowledge' because with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil there is the ability to not know the difference. The unripe fruit in the Adamic story is eating consciousness without it being in its 'ripened' state which is knowledge with Chochmah, wisdom!

The Tree of Life Wisdom is what is the 'difference.' When we eat only of the unripe fruit of knowledge we cause a separation from it and Wisdom. It is like using the internet. people will say I can't tell what is a lie and what is a truth on the internet and believe me with A.I. coming on the scene the information is even more and more distorted. All the more to understand how to access Chochmah (wisdom).

It says at the end of days that good will be evil and evil will be good. You see when you only eat from the Tree of Knowledge you do not have the Wisdom to know the difference between the two. We must also understand that when the consciousness of G-d split, the Tree of Knowledge was inside the The Tree of Life. They are really one tree. separated and bifurcated in the collapse of Adamic Consciousness, this caused Wisdom to be separated from Knowledge.

Our job is to bring these two disparate parts back together and take 'two trees in one hand' and make them one again. The wisdom of the Tree of Life is the Adamic Kabbalah. It is coming at this time to all those ready to 'receive' it and it is to bring the very secrets of creation to the world and unify the Adamic field. It is now coincidence that the 3D scientists of today are working relentless to understand the Unified Field. The system is moving back to that state and we are whether spiritual or not being caught in its expression.

The true story of 'REVELATIONS' is the revealing of the Name of HaShem. The truth of what this Infinite Being is and what creation is. No longer will it be concealed from the masses. All that being said, we must see also that the Tree of Knowledge is being feasted on and with it the issue of what is right and wrong. We have a government telling us what is right where it used to be our Torah and Sages. We have traded one God for another. Welcome to God:Anti-God. It is not a person it is a collective consciousness of those who are connected to the 'front side' to the Holy One and those who are connected to the 'backside' the 'self and for self alone.' They are both saying "I am Gd, no I am Gd" It is up to us to know the difference. If not you will be following the Anti-Gd with his evil, destructive ideas, domination and control.

Back to the Yesod Clowns. Now you will see here why I dubbed the name 'Yesod Clowns for drag queens. We need to get our map out, the Sephirotic Tree, and let's take a look at where we are currently at in the Body of Adam, the Adamic Timeline if you will.

For those of you more advanced in the Kabbalistic language you will know that the Yesod is where we are currently at in the Adamic Time Body. Look at this structure as a map of Time itself.

As the light and energy of the Holy One comes down and through the channels above, culminating now at the 'Yesod' which is where the sexual organs are placed. The experience of Yesod is the drive for self actualization and the promulagation of the insight of Divine Consciousness. It is also the place of the Creators Light, TRANS-itioning from the upper worlds to the lower world of Malchut. Yesod is also the sefirah of "Emet" truth. (A&O)

This sephirot is also the seat of sexuality. Holy sexuality is an expression of a person's passion for TRANS-mitting his personal vision of Divine Reality to the world (either in the form of children that will imbue with his values or a metaphysical Divine Energy that will have a positive influence on reality, which we are taught, is one result of marital relations conducted with love and proper intentions (A&O)

Thus holy vs. bestial sexual passion is an expression of zeal and dedication. "In order to couple with Malchut the Yesod dons jealousy/zeal" Now to understand deeper you must know what the correspondences and attributes of Yesod Energy is. Here is a general list:

Story of Joseph & Potiphar, Potiphar-ah, Adulterous Wife (if you look close at the story of Joseph it tells us about sexual encounters aka Yesod energy. It is specific to tell us that not only is Jospeh (Yesod) going to be approached by adulterous women, he will then be approached by Potiphar himself (man:man) and we see Potiphar was also castrated by Gabriel it says which made him a eunuch. Then it says something strange in Torah, "Potiphar-ah" which strangely enough seems to imply that Potiphar-ah is a 'Trans or at least now a male that is female...Hmmm...hold on loosely to this.

If this is the case, the Torah already comes to tell us of the different sexual issues that will be experienced in the Yesod Energy of the End of Days. In addition the Story of Joseph as the archetype of Sexual Purity also is tied to another story of Pinchas who also through jealousy/zeal/kinah, was incensed over the improper sexual unions of the day and in so doing used a 'spear' to destroy the improper union. This story alone reveals the improper sexual unions that we will see at the end of days. Also, we know that the story of Joseph is the very expression of Moshiach Ben Joseph.

Sexual Organs: Yesod is the seat of the Male Reproductive organ and the inner is the Female Reproductive Organ, called Ateret Ha Yesod. Netzach and Hod are corresponding to the scrotum and ovaries in our body and in the Adamic body. Don't forget you were made in the Image of Gd. That image as much as we can say from the Sages of our faith is the Tree of Life model.

Now the scrotum and ovaries are emanating out of the sephirot of Netzach and Hod. The Arizal in the Apples and Orchards comes to tell us seated in these two sephirot (which really are one) are the attributes of the 'Children' and 'Prophecy'. "In the end of days the children will prophesy." This could be an answer as to why the children are being attacked in an attempt to the ANTI-GD to disrupt the very channels for Divine Consciousness, Revelation and Prophecy to flow through. As we know if you over sexualize a child before his/her time this does great damage to the psyche and the Arizal says it literally blocks divine consciousness from flowing down into this world.

All (Everything): Yesod is referred to as being "Everything" or "All" in the Torah. This means that all emmenatisng lights and forces are culminated into this sephirah from above. It is like a holding place for all the upper lights. This culmination of all fracturing lights of the singular light of G-d, which is the Rainbow that we are forbidden to look at. We just seen the White House and Bi-den (twice judgment) flamboyantly touting the rainbow this last week in the news, using the Rainbow as a Sexual orientation symbol. I don't think most people truly understand why they are using it and what they are saying to the Holy One. The rainbow is not what you think it is. Regardless, they are expressing this Yesod Energy to this nation. But why? Just a note, not one thing happening in this nation is by chance, all things in this world and the worlds beyond are being moved by forces, that is right forces! It affects our vessels ie. our bodies.

Transmitting. Transition. Transfer: The Arizal comes to tell us that Yesod Energy trans-mits, trans-itions and trans-fers "All" its Lights down into the Malchut, our world. These are specific words with deep meanings. Suffice it to say, these three attributes of Yesod come to reveal a possibility why the term 'Trans" is even a word on the street. Why it is manifesting now. In a very short amount of time we went from gay relationships to a fractaling out of yesod sexual energy in a literal 'array' of colors and expressions. (ie. their flag/banner)

Foundation: Yesod means foundation.

Righteous One/Tzadik: Righteousness is an attribute of Yesod because the main test of Yesod Rightousness (Joseph Story of Improper Unions) is sexual behavior. The story of Joseph, which is an archetype for sexual purity.

Donning Jealousy: Zohar uses this word to describe the Yesod's arousal to consumate its connection with this world/Malchut. Jealousy is seen physically as increased adrenaline, body heat to sexual arousal. There is a Jealousy of Yesod, that is its insistence on purity in sexual behavior. "I God am a Jealous God" Do you think this infinite being is Jealous, like we are? What does it mean?

Jealousy and sexuality have something to do with each other. Jealousy is also seen as a form of 'zealousness'. Truly, as Kabbalah explains that the Creator is 'jealous' for His connection to us. Jealousy is rooted in the idea that something or someone would come and disconnect us from someone or something we love. We do not want that. We are jealous of the connection we have with the other and we do not want that to be disconnected. Improper unions disconnect the Creator from us. Energy must flow down and in proper vessels that are imbued with proper polarity, male & female, consuamte.

I honestly never in my life have seen so much conversation about ones YESOD (male or female) and their sexual preferences and their sexual identity in 51 years of my life. It is being amplified by media and government but another question is why? Why now, why like this, why make it an issue. Why identity crisis, why cutting off yesods and manipulating them in adults and children why put this consciousness out there and amplify the sexual energy in people and children, what is the back side forces doing?

I will let the Arizal, one of the greatest Kabbalists and Sages in the Torah world explain this. Here we go....

"In the terminology of Kabbalah, the Divine effulgence (lights) which flows through the sephirot becomes 'solidified' and ready to be TRANS-mitted to the world when it reaches the Sefirah of Yesod. This sefirah is the drive for TRANS-mission, but it is only fully assured of uncontaminated TRANS-mission when it reaches the Sefirah of Malchut, that of full expression. (Notice the word TRANS....?)

There is much room for discussion on this. This piece is not to promote a separation or argument over the issue per se, but to take a look at the forces that create phenomenon in our world and understand better what is really happening in our world. For if you understand the mechanics of the Metatronic System that we are embedded in then you will understand why things happen in this world. It is with that Tree of Life Wisdom and the ability to experience the upper world that the Sages of our faith where able to look into the Future of Now and see the underlying forces that moved and shaped our world.


A&O=Apples form the Orchards by Arizal

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