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Adam is His Name & Consciousness is His Game

"Adam is His name and consciousness is His game; the dimensionality virus is to blame, and the science of Kabbalah is our aim."- Rabbi Joel

In order to understand what Adamic Kabbalah is, and what it isn’t, we must first establish what the term Kabbalah means. The word Kabbalah is literally, “that which has been received,” i.e., a living transmission, passed down from master to disciple.

The word Kabbalah, however, until it is contextualized, doesn’t mean anything, any more than the word “science” refers to a specific discipline or theory. Especially over the last half-century and until this day, there are countless contemporary, non-traditional varieties of Kabbalah that can be found all over the Internet and in many hundreds of books. This is in addition to the field of the academic study of Kabbalah around the world.

Within the traditional Torah communities,there are more schools and approaches to Kabbalah than most scholars are even aware of. Consequently, one must be attentive to understanding the differences, because one person’s science can be another person’s pseudo- science, or worse.

Likewise, one person’s Kabbalah can be another person’s current “pop Kabbalah,” “occult Qabalah,” “academic Kabbalah,” or even one of several traditional schools of contemporary, Orthodox Kabbalah.

If we are going to use the term Kabbalah, then we need to know what it is, and what it isn’t.

Torah consists of both the Written Torah (the 24 Books of the Tanach including the Five Books of Moses), and the Oral Torah (Talmud, Midrash, Halachah (legal) codes, Zohar and the Kabbalah traditions). The Oral Torah, relative to the Written Torah, is as a soul to the body. The two are so inseparable from each other that they are, in fact, the “Twin Torahs,” born together from the same Divine mother at the same moment of birth.

In turn, as the soul is to the body, the soul of the Kabbalah is to the collective body of both the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. The body of Judaism – its religion, beliefs and practices – are interdependent and inseparable from its corresponding, animating soul, the Kabbalah. (1)

Dinah says, "You cannot separate the soul from the body, you loose the essence of the matter and the body dies. The many flavors of Kabbalah over the centuries has separated the Kabbalah from the Torah, taking only the esoteric deeper secrets and leaving the other aspect of consciousness behind. It isn't surprising that humans would want the esoteric knowledge and disconnect themselves from the rest. This is not the only time Torah (Oral/Written) have been separated, the birth of Christianity and its book also caused a separation in the Twin Torahs. This also leads to false teachings and idea, false premisses based upon lack of the totality of the Twin Torahs. As Rabbi states, you cannot have one with out the other, the cannot have the sod or secret levels of Torah without having the pshat or simple meaning. It is all hand and glove" This splitting of consciousness becomes what we know now as 'jewish mysticism.'

Torah-based Adamic Kabbalah is not “Jewish mysticism.” It contains what is referred to as mysticism – Jewish or not – but it is much more. The study and spiritual practice of the Kabbalah, was never intended to be separate from the rest of the Torah.

This rule applies to Scripture, as well as to the entire fabric of the vast, living “Internet” of the Talmudic Sage-Kabbalists (1st century to the 5th century CE), and their disciples, over the last 1,500 years. All the personalities, episodes, and the descriptive matters of the Biblical stories, have, behind the narrative scenes, their corresponding Kabbalah codes – the “soul of the matter.”

Likewise, all Halachah (Jewish law) and the practice of mitzvot (commandments, i.e., specific actions, speech and thoughts), as well as all Talmudic legal discussions – criminal, civil and ritual, and especially Talmudic Aggadah – have their corresponding Kabbalah codes.

Kabbalah was never intended to be separate from the in-depth learning of Torah, and the conscious performance of mitzvot. Nor was Kabbalah intended to be separate from these four principles: Adam, Consciousness, the Messianic Era and the Dimensionality Virus. (2)

Dinah Says "When we split the brain (ie consciousness) into a polarized state, we loose not only the ability to think properly we loose the ability to draw new information into our system. This is what the 'occipital' West has done, it has kept our society in such a polarized state of fragmentation and separation, a 'this or that' only state, that even the consciousness in our own country has no coherency. You can see the breaking down of this in the model of politics today & people in general.

There is no desire to bring 'something new' to the table, only who is 'right' and who is 'wrong'. This perpetual state of polarized consciousness is very destructive individually and collectively. It is only through understanding and true desire for the need for connection and coherency with the opposition that we can begin creating a polarity that will lend itself to 'new ideas, new creations and new beginnings.'

For more on the Adamic Kabbalah and Adam's Game, check out Rabbi's latest book "Adamic Messiah and the Secret of the Corona Virus"

1 & 2

Excerpts from "Adamic Messiah & the Secret of the Corona Virus, Bakst pg. 5-7

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