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ZOOM INTO ZOHAR: Secret of Tehillim/Psalms

"You are my hiding place"....

Rabbi Elazar explains the terms, "hiding place," "adversary," and "songs of deliverance." All the songs and hymns (Psalms/Tehillim) of David, we learn, contain profound allusions to Wisdom (Chochmah), because they were composed with the direct inspiration of God.

Rabbi Elazar then discusses the meaning of the verse, "You did push me hard ..." David addressed these words to the Other Side, which presses man to turn away from God. As David knew well, God protects those who guard against the Evil Inclination.

Be like King David "King David was a brave and valiant warrior by daylight and a profound mystic during the hours of moonlight. Spiritually, David waged war and conquered the Evil Inclination within himself. This is the decisive battleground where the greatest of wars and conflicts unfold. Employing the mystical wisdom of Kabbalah, David skillfully wielded the power of the Light and thus triumphed over the forces of Darkness. His spiritual might and courage is instilled within us by these ancient verses. Moreover, the Light of David empowers our prayers, securing for us greater protection against the internal forces of evil, (and external forces of evil) and increasing the Light that pours into our lives, and hence, into the world."-Zohar

274. Rabbi Yosi quoted the verse,

"You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from the adversary; You do compass me about with songs of deliverance. Sela" (Tehilim 32:7). " ...My hiding place," refers to the Holy One, blessed be He, who is a hiding place and a shield to the man who treads the paths of the Torah, THE SECRET OF THE CENTRAL COLUMN, and is hidden under the shadow of His wings so as not to come to harm. HE ASKS, WHY THEN DOES IT READ, "You shall preserve me from the adversary," WHICH HAS THE SAME MEANING AS, "YOU ARE MY HIDING PLACE?" HE ANSWERS, Man has enemies above as well as below FOR WHICH IT SAYS, "YOU ARE MY HIDING PLACE." It is the Evil Inclination, OF WHICH IT IS WRITTEN, "YOU SHALL PRESERVE ME FROM THE ADVERSARY." It attacks above and below - DESCENDS TO INCITE, AND ASCENDS TO BRING ACCUSATIONS. Were it not for the Evil Inclination, man would not have any enemies in the world. Therefore THE SCRIPTURE READS, "You shall preserve me from the adversary," FROM THE EVIL INCLINATION.

Dinah Says: The Yetzer HaRa or Evil Inclination is the dual battle within ourselves of the positive and negative attributes that we war with. There is the Other Side of ourselves and there is the Other Side collectively. War exists individually and collectively because we are immersed in a 'dual reality' where there is right, left and middle. This same dual nature is encoded in our image, the Tzelem Elohim. This is called the Tree of Duality (Good & Evil or Positive & Negative) along with the Tree of Life which is the Soul Circuit Structure embedded in you. It is real, it is our system and it has mechanics.

Our bodies mimic this in the image of right side, left side and center manifest in our body form. The battles we fight are due to this dual reality, but we must see the essence of the matter which is the triune truth. If we stay in the dual battle and never reach for the third position or center column, we will always be at war with ourselves, our spouses our relationships with others, etc.

Once you understand this dual reality within you and in the world at large you begin understanding how to work within it for the good. You learn how to supersede the 999 Battles of Moshiach Ben Yoseph spoken about in Beyond Kabbalah. These are 999 levels of duality playing out in our personal lives and in the collective until the final battle is won.

This image is a picture of the Tree of Life. Embedded within it are the 999 battles, do you see them? Do you see the left right and middle structure? This is the battle between polarities. It is the way the energetic system was created by the Creator. "I created good and evil (+ & -)."

If you count each sephirot as representing 100 battles 50 on each side, multiply times 10 and you get 1,000. Less one, 999. As we move through this Adamic Time Body we come to the final redemption, the final battle where the 999 unites with the ALEPH (1) and we achieve the 1,000 level....REDEMPTION! (see Beyond Kabbalah: 999 Battles of Moshiach Ben Joseph).

We are in the days of that final battle, but I don't think we feel or believe we can affect the outcome. Many people feel helpless with all the battles we are being bombarded with, especially the war in the mind. The Sages tell us that all reality will move to a singular state when the Evil Inclination will be removed, that being the Left Column of the Tree of Life and the pure left consciousness found in ourself and the collective consciousness of man. Lbotomy anyone? :)

When that is done everything that iterates in the left sided consciousness will also be removed and re-inverted back into the Adamic Consciousness it fell out from. So choose your side wisely, or should I say choose that the left becomes mitigated and centered along with the right. Remember, the left side is not evil in of itself, but when ego becomes involved for someone who is already consciously connected in a dominate way to Gevurah/Left side thinking, it will restrict more of light consciousness from getting in and ego turns into evil and eventually wickedness.

I have gotten this question alot lately...

Why does the LGBTQ movement support HAMAS who would kill them instantly for their improper sexual unions?

Puzzling isn't it.....think about the Tree of Life Model...get it yet? If you know where both of these consciousness are iterating from, ie. Gevurah then you will know why. This is why understanding the Metatronic System is so important, it will give you eyes to see what is really underlying all the movements in the world. For those who can understand.

We must realize how consciousness is even manifesting in humanity and become conscious about it. Just as the stories of the great men and women in the Torah show us their 'consciousness' how they project themselves and how they act, we can learn form their stories how humans will act. The Zohar then tells us that these archetypal individuals in the Torah, the good ones and the bad ones, all reveal the consciousness of mankind in the world. Understanding the dual nature of consciousness and where it is coming from in the Tree of Life can be very helpful in seeing the deeper mechanisms that are running all of creation, people, geo-politics, etc.

A real life example

You are in an argument with your spouse. You can clearly see they are in a state of deep restriction (Gevurah) and unwilling to connect on the issue at hand. The challenge in the situation is finding the 'lost coordinate' or the 'super position' (the third coordinate) in the battle. To bring a quick resolution.

Ask yourself, do I want to stay in the battle or do I want to supersede it." We must draw upon Chochmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding) to find that answer. We must understand how to reach the Trinity or Triunity. That is the name of the game. We must be willing and have a desire to find the super position.

The mechanism of the Trinity Structure is desgined to supersede the dual nature. To get us out of the battle/war. In doing so we find a way to integrate the right side and the left side of the argument and in doing that create something new and beneficial for both sides.

Actually, if this is practiced properly, there is no more sides, no more battle, no more war. Man can do this in his daily life but both parties must desire to truly be in that superposition state. The Trinity is the mechanism for Peace, Truth and Going Beyond the current dual situation. This is what King David is showing in his 'battle psalms' and even King Solomon in his Triune-Book Series (Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs). We must learn to go Beyond, the dual nature!

Beyond is is the World to Come, a world that supersedes this dual world of good and is the Tree of Life no longer the Tree of Death.

Winning the Battle, Winning the War

We must win the battles as they are ever increasing in our personal lives now and be aware that there is a metaphysical battle in the world at large that also needs to have our attention in mitigating. It is not just Israel and Palestines problem, the root of this war is a metaphysical one, not religious, for most who are fighting are truly not religious or spiritual for that matter. The powers that be, know that they can incite those who have deep personal ideologies or belief systems to war, especially if they make them believe that they will actually succeed. Like the other Middle East mishaps there will be an abandonment when the powers that be are done with them and that is when the real trouble begins.

There are greater forces at work cosmically that are governing the final footsteps of Messiah. The words of the Sweet Singer of Israel, King David, now resonate so strongly with me. I have never understood His plight and his constant begging the Holy One to save him from his enemies, now it seems we can feel this even in the U.S. Even Christians I speak with are feeling the pressure of war and the battles that have the potential to come even to our country. The battle is not being just felt by the Jews but humanity at large.

Now more than ever we must read Tehillim/Psalms. Open it up and put on the garment of King David. If you are not in a physical war, like Israel, you are probably battling a personal, physical war with yourselves. One thing we need to remember we are all connected, a war in Israel is a war in the Global consciousness. It will affect us no matter how we personally feel about it. You don't have to physically be there.

All this to say, you should allow the words of King David to come to help you recognize the war within, and give you the words and the ability to overcome it and defeat Goliath! The individual who wins the war against his own Evil Inclination transposes that success in his own personal battle to the success of winning the war in the collective battle.

Songs of Salvation

Vayishlach: Verse 275

רָנֵי פַלֵּט תְּסוֹבְבֵנִי סֶלָה, יְסוֹבְבֵנִי סֶלָה, מִבָּעֵי לֵיהּ, מַאי תְּסוֹבְבֵנִי. אִלֵּין אִינוּן שִׁירִין, דְּאִית בְּהוֹ דַּרְגִּין לְהַצָּלָה, תְּסוֹבְבֵנִי בְּהוֹ, לְשֵׁזָבָא לִי בְּאָרְחָא. וְהַאי קְרָא אִיהוּ כְּסִדְרָא, וְאִיהוּ לְמַפְרֵעַ, מֵהַאי גִיסָא, וּמֵהַאי גִיסָא.

" ...You do compass me about with songs of deliverance, Sela" (Tehilim 32:7). He said, It should have read, 'He does compass me,' IN THE THIRD PERSON, BECAUSE IN THE SECOND PERSON IT COULD MEAN 'THE SONGS OF DELIVERANCE COMPASS ME.' Why then does it read, "You do compass," IN THE PRESENT PERSON? HE ANSWERS, Within these songs there are grades of salvation, You will compass me with them to guard me on my way. THE VERSE IS INDEED ADDRESSED TO THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE SAYING, "YOU DO COMPASS ME." This verse may be read forwards or backwards, from both sides, YET ITS MEANING REMAINS THE SAME.

Vayishlach: Verse 276

תָּא חֲזֵי, בְּאִלֵּין שִׁירִין וְתוּשְׁבְּחָן דְּקָאֲמַר דָּוִד, אִית בְּהוֹן רָזִין, וּמִלִּין עִלָּאִין, בְּרָזֵי דְחָכְמְתָא, בְּגִין דְּכֻלְּהוּ בְּרוּחַ קוּדְשָׁא אִתְאֲמָרוּ, דַּהֲוָה שְׁרֵא רוּחַ קוּדְשָׁא עֲלֵיהּ דְּדָוִד, וַהֲוָה אֲמַר שִׁירָתָא, וּבְגִין כָּך, כֻּלְּהוּ בְּרָזֵי דְחָכְמְתָא אִתְאֲמָרוּ.

Come and behold, the songs and praises (Pslams/Tehillim) sung by David contain mysteries and high matters of the secret of wisdom (Chochmah), because they were all inspired by the Holy Spirit, which dwelt with David when he recited them. Hence they were all said from the Holy Spirit.

Dinah Says: The Tehillim are deep and mystical to say the least. I suggest buying the Artscroll Tehillim/Psalms two volume set which are an amazing source for learning the deeper meaning of these powerful words. Also reference the ZOHAR who is full of deeper teachings on what Tehillim really are.

Now more than ever do we need the words, holy Names and frequencies of Psalms in our life. Do not underestimate what they are. The Holy One left powerful tools for us to use and the Torah Tool Box is full of tools to assist us in salvation in our daily life.

Salvation from the God of Israel's perspective is not how most see it. Salvation is not a one time deal, it is a constant state of redeeming us from the snares, wickedness, illness and evil that we are constantly surrounded with in ourselves and in this world. It is redeeming us from our own pain and suffering we inflict upon ourselves by our bad choices and inability to become refined in our Midot and Character. It is also redeeming us from the 'death consciousness' that we have been in this long 2,000 year exile.

We must begin to see that we are responsible for the evil in the world and quit blaming God for it. The God of Israel, YH-VH, the Infinite Creator is in a state of pure bestowal of Light into the Metatronic System. The Light is then taken down into a cosmic conduit of angelic interfacing channels that in and of itself is dual in nature, positive (angels) and negative (shadim) polarity. From there we are granted the ability to choose right or wrong, left or right, up or down with the Light or consciousness we receive. Our choices have deep cosmic repercussions!

My students and others in the community have asked....

"What can we do now with the world the way it is, how can we help in the physical and spiritual battle we are facing?"

I tell them to read Tehillim. Again, you need the Artscroll Tehillim to really begin understanding what these words that King David was inspired to write are doing and what they mean. They are not poetry or nice words. They are powerful permutations and frequencies given to mankind to assist us and make us successful in the difficult times in our life and in the world! You want to win the battle? Read Tehillim and learn to make the Triunity in all situations!

Want to learn more about the Secrets of Tehillim join us for our online classes or sign up for private classes.

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