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Zoom Into Zohar: "Healing the Heart" on Yom Kippur

If you have studied or just read the Zohar you see that there are many different references in each parasha regarding healing. Today I want to share with you a specific healing that comes from the book of Pinchas. This particular piece in Pinchas is connected to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Let's look at these healing passages as described by the Zohar.

"On Rosh Hashanah the "gall" wanders the world collecting up sins (errors) and all of Yisrael is in trouble; this is when they blow the Shofar." (Dinah says: mind bender statement ....keep reading :)

According to the Zohar, our reactive emotions, notably anger and rage, manifest in our liver and appendage.

"From the liver and the appendage, which are Sama'el and Lil'it, emerges the gall, which is the sword of the Angel of Death, from which come bitter drops to kill human beings."

The gall is said "overcomes the arteries of the heart and all the arteries in the limbs of the body"

Interestingly, gall is defined as both 'bile' and 'bitterness of spirit or rancor'. This definition reinforces the Kabbalistic viewpoint that a vital connection exists between human behavior and physical health. Moreover, it is the liver that secretes gall (bile) and its primary component is 'cholesterol.'

High levels of cholesterol play a very big role in many peoples lives today. In fact recently there is a disagreement with how much cholesterol is good and how much is really bad. There are many other factors that play into the processing of cholesterol in our body suffice it to say that for this article we know that it can cause heart disease and even contribute to death via the blocking of the arterial system. Anytime "flow" is blocked, Houston we have a problem.

All the anger and negative reflexive emotions that we express throughout the year are used by the negative angel/force called Lil'it during Rosh Hashanah as an indictment against us. The ensuing judgment manifests as illness and heart related disease. The Shofar, as the remedy, is used to purify us, to remove this negative force from our body matrix, specifically our arteries and cardiovascular system. It is as the negativity we have created in our lives of anger and bitterness literally concretizes and affects and infects our physical body and specific body organs. When the Shofar is blown it 'blows out' the blockages if you, will, canceling out the negative frequencies and creating a healthy soul and body.

If you want to read more about the deep metaphysical aspect that is happening at this time, read Zohar: Pinchas: 60, pg. 364.

The Zohar tells us when our own physical desires run rampant and we choose materialism over the spiritual, the negative force overcomes 'all the limbs and arteries' for all the 365 days of the solar year. There is, however, a recourse for the repentant heart, and its is found in the instrument (Dinah says: Healing Technology) called the Shofar and it is connected to the Trachea in our throat and Yom Kippur.

The trachea is a windpipe, just like the Shofar. The Shofar is corresponded to Binah, where there is so much pleaser and fulfillment that there is no need for food or drink. Likewise, the trachea is not utilized when we eat or drink. Like the Shofar, only air enters our trachea.

On Yom Kippur, there is also no eating or drinking, signifying Binah and the unimaginable spiritual nourishment that it provides. (Dinah says: Remember Fasting is Feasting, we are fasting from the 3D physical food but we are Feasting off the Consciousness of Binah!)

Blowing the Shofar and observing Yom Kippur re-establishes our connection to Binah! The passage of Pinchas recalls literally the energy of Yom Kippur and its sounds the Shofar on our behalf to heal our hearts, liver, arteries, trachea, esophagus and limbs.

Y'Israel, the cosmic counterpart of the human heart (Tiferet/Jacob) also functions as the heart of mankind. Yisrael's relationship to the rest of the world is like the hearts arteries carrying blood and oxygen to the rest of the body of (Adam). The nations of the world correspond to the body's organs and limbs.

Hence, the same way the heart now supplies purified blood to nourish the body, Yisrael furnishes the Light to aid all the nations of the world. This allows for the conflicts and barriers between Yisrael and all nations to be eliminated, clearing the way for global harmony and Shalom!

May it be so this year!

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