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Secrets of Pesach!

Pharaoh, the Serpent and the Secret of the Splitting of the Sea!

It will soon be Erev Pesach (Eve of Passover). I can't believe that it is already that time of the year again! We are living in a truly accelerated time. I wanted to post an excerpt of a piece written by Rabbi Bakst z"l on the deeper secrets of Pesach. I wish all of you a beautiful and divine Pesach. Remember, 'We are redeemed, we are already free, we know with certainty that what the Holy One has decreed will stand!' Chag Sameach!

Cosmology of the Jewish Holy Days

by Rabbi Joel D. Bakst

Passover And The Mystery of the

Black Hole of Egypt

The Exodus story they never told you in Sunday school.....

Ten miles west of the city of Cairo lies an object that has intrigued and bewildered

historians, philosophers and scientists for many centuries. The only remaining of the

traditional Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza is often

described as the most sublime landmark in history. The base of this massive structure

covers 13 acres or 7 midtown New York city blocks (a mile square). Leveled to within a

fraction of an inch, more than two and a half million blocks of limestone and granite -

weighing from two to seventy tons apiece - rise in 201 stepped tiers to the height of a

modern 40 story building. As a feat in masonry it was not to be matched till the

construction of Boulder Dam.

Modern engineers are astounded by both the enormity of the problems involved in the

construction of the Pyramid and the opticians precision with which these problems were

resolved. What the Great Pyramid looked like when it was completed, or even for the 1st

or 2nd millennia thereafter is not recorded in history. Furthermore, it is not agreed upon

when it was built or even by whom was it built and for what purpose it was constructed.

(Dinah says.."And this is changing even today as independent archeologists take a deeper look with the use of todays technologies")

Two things are certain, however, it was never used as a tomb (unlike the other smaller

pyramids) and it was already ancient by the time of the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt (430

BCE or 3,300 years ago) [1].

The modern science of Egyptology has revealed much about this ancient and mysterious land, yet much of her story remains untold. This is especially true with regard to the larger cosmological role that Egypt played - and continues to play - in the divine scheme of creation. Once a year on Pesach we reenact the events of Yitziat Mitzrayim - the Exodus from the Egyptian empire.

Dinah says "Remember to look at Egypt not in it's 3D physicality but as Rabbi states a player in a larger cosmological game."

The centrality of the Exodus story in Torah cosmology is evident as it is mentioned 50 times (who knows 50?) throughout the Torah including in the first of the Ten Commandments. Furthermore, the Exodus is contained in the meditation of the Sh'ma' (in the 3rd paragraph) which is recited twice daily as well as in the Kiddush for every Shabbat and Yom Tov, morning and evening.

There is also a separate mitzva to remember the Exodus any time during the day all year long. Thus, in actuality the night of the seder is only a magnified version of what exists in miniature all around the clock, all year long and within all Jews everywhere throughout all time.

Dinah says.."Why do we need to remember the Exodus. We are all today so far from that event. It is to create a 'memory' and to keep this piece of information in what I like to call the "hive mind." Once this narrative is in the hive mind it never leaves. We observe via the ritual and create a memory every time we 'remember' the true redemption story, not only that we tap into the cosmic miracle of freedom from a bound world to a supernatural one." With certainty we are boundless, sovereign and free people. Now, back to the story.......

The Great Pyramid and the many other monolithic structures that cover the land of Egypt even to this day are but a remnant of a vast metaphysical empire. As awesome as the geographical territory and the architecture of the Egyptian kingdom was to the eye, a massive underlying supernatural network paralleled it. Before Egypt was destroyed the initiates into the Egyptian priest class (the hartumim of the Bible) had direct access to the most profound wisdom in the world. The Talmud relates that when occult knowledge was given out to the world nine tenths of it when directly to Mitzrayim and only the remaining one tenth was distributed to the rest of the world.

This is echoed throughout the western occult tradition of the Rosecrucians, Freemasons, Hermetic traditions and others that trace all occult and metaphysical knowledge directly to ancient Egypt. Jewish tradition teaches that anyone coming within the supernatural dominion of Egypt was pulled in and held captive by a magnetic-like force never to leave.

For the nation of Israel this was true both physically as well as spiritually. Originally they were only 70 souls but now, 210 years later from the time Avraham was initiated into the mystery of the destined Egyptian exile, they numbered in the millions. And the Hebrews were being pulled deeper and deeper into a dark alien vortex at the mercy of the master sorcerer and his apprentices.

It is for this reason that we state on the Seder night, '"If G-d had not taken our fathers out of Egypt, then even we, our children and our children's children would still be slaves in Egypt". This is not hyperbole. According to the laws of creation there was literally no

way the ancient Hebrews could have been rescued. Upon this impossibility rests not only the theme of the entire Hagada and the story of the Exodus, but the continued existence of the Jewish people till this day. We must understand why. This leads us to the source of Pharaoh’s dark powers. This is the mystery of the Black Hole of Egypt. This is the untold story of the Passover, the greatest story ever told in all time.

But wait. Before we explore that question there is an additional set of interesting clues left at the scene of this cosmic drama. As is well know in Torah tradition when we observe the seven days (eight in the Diaspora) of Pesach we are reentering into a microcosm of the original events that occurred over 3,300 years ago. The spiritual mechanics that orchestrated the original Exodus are ingeniously mapped and camouflaged not only into the format of the Seder and the Hagadah, but also into format of the liturgy used. If we observe anything unusual in the prayers we are probably just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

There are, in fact, two liturgical anomalies. One occurs at the beginning of Pesach during the first evening prayer and the other occurs at the end of Pesach during the morning service on the seventh (and eight) day. The Hallel prayer is recited on every Chag/festival as part of the morning service. It is never recited at night because its function applies to the mystical rectifications that are only inherent at the time of the morning service of the respective Chag. It is, however, sung in the Synagogue by much of the observant world on Pesach night! It is stated in the Shulchan Aruch – the Code of Jewish Law - by the great Sephardic codifier Rabbi Yoself Caro, “On the first night of Pesach [and second night in the Diaspora] we sing the complete Hallel in the public service with a blessing at the beginning and end.” This is the tradition of Sephardic Jewry. This practice, however, is so illogical that the great Ashkenazi codifier Rabbi Moshe Israelis ruled against it in his glosses to the Shulchan Aruch. “None of this is our custom since we do not on any

occasion recite the Hallel in the synagogue at night”. In spite of the objection the accepted custom of all kabbalists, Hasidim as well as the Ashkenazi descendents in Jerusalem (following the customs of the disciples of the Gaon of Vilna who immigrated there in the beginning of the 19th century) is to recite the full Hallel in the evening service the first (and second) night of Pesach along with the Sephardic Jews.

Yet, truthfully according to standard liturgical spiritual etiquette this nighttime ritual of an “additional” Hallel makes no sense.

Secondly, an even stranger liturgical anomaly occurs on Shevi’I Shel Pesach – the Seventh Day of Passover. The Hallel prayer consists of a section from the Book of Psalms. When Hallel is recited there are two versions – a “complete” Hallel and a “half” or partial Hallel. The half Hallel is actually only the omission of two of the Psalms. During the morning service on every Yom Tov the full Hallel is always recited. Only on the intermediate days of Yom Tov (the middle days of Pesach and Sukkot) and on Rosh

Chodesh is the half Hallel recited. The one exception to this rule occurs on the seventh and last day of Pesach. Although it is a complete Yom Tov, just as the first day is, only a half Hallel is permitted [2].

Additionally, Shevi’I shel Pesach is the only Yom Tov when a Shechechiyanu blessing is not recited! Although there is no halachic disagreement regarding the unprecedented manner of the recital of Hallel on the seventh day Yom Tov of Peasch it still remains an anomaly! Why is this?

Although there is a well-known midrash the sages used to explain away this phenomenon upon analysis the answer is far from sufficient. This is because the real story is too profound to be made public. Although on a subtle level the midrash alludes to the deeper truth it is overtly covering up the sod (secret) of Kriat Yam Suf (Splitting of the Sea) which is the real reason why the diminished Hallel is recited. The key is the “additional” Hallel on the first night of Pesach and a “diminished” Hallel on the last day of Pesach. We will truly see that the “The end is rooted in the beginning” [3].

The unique and utterly mind boggling reason for these two interdependent ritualistic

anomalies only becomes apparent when we look into the mystery of Black Hole of Egypt.

In order to understand the phenomenon of the Black Hole of Egypt even in a general manner we must briefly review the event that set the stage for going down into Mitzrayim to begin with.

This is the story of Adam, Hava (Eve) and the Nachash (serpent) in Gan Eden. This was, and continues to be, the most crucial event in cosmological history. The 'script' for this divine drama fills up many volumes of esoteric teachings and we will mention now only the most general aspects of the plot.

Adam and Hava are positively and negatively charged multidimensional consciousness clothed within etheric-like bodies. All reality before the fall is completely transcendent and hermetically sealed off from any impurity and 'evil' and for that matter, from even any corporeal duality as we experience it today. The external forces on the 'outside' of the Gan have no life force of their own and cannot even generate a facsimile of conscious awareness. They cannot even be said to truthfully 'exist' in an existential sense but rather only in potential.

In any event, through a long and detailed process the 'alien' force penetrates into the divine abode and parasitically attaches itself to the minds of Adam and Hava. How, what and why this takes place is the most profound and closely guarded mystery that is a separate field of study by itself. What is necessary to understand for our purposes is that this viral-like infection immediately sets into motion the fall and collapse of all consciousness/reality.

Dinah says "This is happening again, as the external forces (AI & their creators) on the outside try to penetrate the divine abode and physically attach itself to the minds of Adam and Hava in this day, in real time (media, technology, neural link, star link, AI)." Sounds like sci-fi horror show, well wait for the finale."

It is a tradition that when Moshe Rabbeinu received the Torah on Har Sinai his consciousness transcended to the 49th level of divinity. The 50th level, however, he did not attain. The 50th dimension of G-d consciousness does not have a manifest reality during the present period of the 6 millennia. Rather it will be revealed to all creation in the next stage of cosmological events. In the meanwhile, the 49 levels of pure divinity have corresponding to them 49 levels of impurity.

This is in accordance with the universal law that; "This parallel against this has G-d made" (Ecclesiastes). The realm of Tumah (the forces of impurity and evil) is an exact mirror image of the realm of Kedushah (the forces of purity and good).

Dinah says, "You will hear me say this in class, that the backside of this 3D reality is only mirroring the frontside of 4D reality it is all that it can do, as Rabbi said it makes copies of the upper cosmological process like a virus. It is fascinating to me to see this was written in 2004 discussing a mind virus, parasites and the facsimile (AI) that we are seeing now in our days come upon the scene. Ever wonder why ivermectin worked for people during corona, it is a anti-parasitic. For those who know homeopathy, which is a Biblical concept, will note that the energies that are afoot causing the plagues have underlying forces that are running them, and it is the essence or energy of a particular plan or medicine that can cancel out if you will this force."

In order to get a more vivid picture of the forces at play here we can use a model from modern astrophysics - 'black hole' phenomena - and then apply it to our subject.

Although first theorized in 1783 only in the past few decades has this bizarre concept been redeemed from science fiction fantasy and relocated in the physics and astronomy books as almost certain hard scientific fact.

Stars, which come in many sizes (ours being an average size sun), do not live for ever. When a star begins to die, its own gravity takes over and squashes nearly all of its atoms into a super dense state. If the star is about 1 1/2 times as massive as our Sun then gravity is strong enough to crush the material so much that we end up with what is called a neutron star which is millions times denser that lead.

Theory tells us, however, that if the dying star is very massive then a runaway situation will develop. Gravity will take over completely and the already dense matter will be crushed down even further... into nothing! The collapsing gravity, which no known forces can prevent, will shrink a star twenty times the mass of the Sun to the size of Greater Los Angeles only to then slip through a self-generated crack in space and time and literally disappear form our universe.

Not only does a black hole remove itself from our dimension but it pulls all neighboring light in with itself which then can never escape from it - eternally severed and 'plucked' off from this 'side' of reality. It is for this reason that this frightening phenomenon (and the astronomers are finding more and more of them) is called 'black' because no light or any other radiation can escape from it. It is also a 'hole' for an equally strange reason - it actually sucks in the physical 3 dimensional space around it and closes it off. It is just as if there was a hole in space, especially since any matter passing too close to it will fall in never to be seen again.

Pharaoh and the metaphysical roots of Egypt are the human and geographical 3-dimensional vortexes of the cosmic wasteland and virtual black hole sucking up all forms of life & godliness.

Egypt is the bowels of the primordial serpent and Pharaoh is its jaws. It is the same Serpent/Nachash of Gan Eden only now it has grown into the "Great Dragon of the Arcane Nile." It has at its disposal all the occults sciences and pyramid wisdom of mankind. It continues sucking in--eventually even the space-time continuum and all consciousness and thus, ironically, (as all true parasites do) sucks the life out of it's

host and then with no life force it itself is extinguished. It doesn't care because it was never alive to begin with. Evil has no true life of it's own. No host, no Evil. No transgressions, no suffering.

One of the themes that runs through the story of the Exodus from Mitzrayim is the quality of cheepazon. Cheepazone is a state of intense hurriedness (or haste) and panic. It is mentioned twice regarding the final moments of departure from the ancient empire of Egypt. The nation of Israel, after being in this foreign land for 210 years, was commanded, "And thus shall you eat it; your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and you shall eat it in haste - it is HaShem's Pesach

offering (Shemot 12,11).

Also it is written, " You shall eat no hametz with it (the Korban Pesach); seven days you shall eat Matzot with it, the bread of affliction; for in haste you went out from the lane of Egypt in order that you will remember the day of your going out from Egypt all the days of your life" (Devarim 16-4).

Furthermore, another verse emphasizes the rushed state of affairs: " And they baked the dough which they brought out from Egypt cakes of Matzot, for it was not leavened; because they were thrust out of Egypt, and they could not tarry and they were not able to prepare any food for the way.

Now, the question is asked, "What's the big rush"? Were they so afraid of the Egyptians that they could not have stayed just a few hours longer and have prepared themselves proper food for travel?

The traditional answer that the latter commentaries give for the great panic to get out of there was that if we had stayed in 'Egypt one moment longer then the entire nation of Israel would have entered into the 50th gate of spiritual impurity - from which there is no return.

visual by: Rabbi Joel D Baskt Joel David Bakst © All Rights Reserved 2004

Now, Ya'akov and the seventy souls are sent on "Mission Impossible" into the bowels of the black hole of existential filth and cosmological evil to redeem and extract the remainder of the lost fragments of true humanity which is none other than the fallen particles of Adam's own consciousness that the alien mind parasites had drained from him 26 generations earlier.

But now, as the godliness of the life force had grown to maturity (26 = YHVH = value of tetragrammaton) Moshe begins brain surgery on the serpent brain with each one of the ten plagues. A year has gone by and the hero has the archenemy flat on the ground taking his last gasp of human air. It is now twelve midnight. All the firstborn of Egypt are lying dead. The black hole of reality's rotating whirlpool has come to almost a complete standstill. All evil and suffering is just about to become a non-entity and all reality will quantum jump into a multi-dimensional holographic wonderland of pure divinity and bliss.

The cosmic drama is about to finish and then the "Director" commands --"Get out now! and Quick! Because if you don't then in one more moment) the black hole serpent and essence of evil will be destroyed forever!"

"And eat it in haste, it is the Pesach of HaShem" (Ex. 12:11).

In truth, the story of Pesach is a bizarre confrontation between the existential planes of light and the vacuous absence of light--absolute anti-life matter.

Dinah says: "Anti-christ, in the language of christianity, in truth is a word that comes not to define a particular person but an anointing of higher (messianic) consciousness given over to man and it is this consciousness that they are against us having." The word 'christos' in greek means 'to be anointed.' ..

"...Because in haste you went out from the land of Egypt" (Deut. 13:3).

Get out before you blow up the parasitic Black Hole!!

Now, what is going on here?! Isn't the whole point to destroy the bad guy and now here we are going out of our way to keep him alive!. Using the newly revealed example of the black hole phenomena is actually more realistic than metaphorical but we can use it now just to stretch the imagination.

The traditional explanation as to why our ancestors were '...expelled from Egypt and they could no longer tarry' is that their lives were in critical danger of being swallowed up by the serpentine black hole into another dimension forever cut off from reality.

However, Rabbi Sh'lomo Eliyashuv writes,

'In my humble opinion it is impossible to say that the Jewish Nation was so afraid of the Egyptians that they could not remain just a little longer to prepare themselves proper food for their travels. Quite to the contrary it was the forces of evil - the Primordial Serpent itself - that was about to undergo complete existential annihilation through the revelation of the Shechina.

Have not all their gods already been destroyed and their first born killed? If so where was there any place left for the control of the evil power? The fact that the body and soul of Am Yisrael were about to be sucked into the 50th level of no return is certainly correct, but this was only true a full 12 months earlier! We know that the actual redemption began with the initiation of the 10 plagues, which lasted a whole year. From that time and onward the Nachash (serpent) was loosing its grip stage by stage.

This was especially true from Rosh HaShana 6 months before the actual departure when the forced slavery was stopped. All the more so 2 weeks before on Rosh Chodesh Nissan and the very night of the first Pesach when all the forces of the 'Other Side' were conquered and subdued to such an extent that they and not the forces of good were on the edge of oblivion”.

Following the spiritual law that “The end is rooted in the beginning”, the astounding resolution that the Leshem presents lies hidden in the seventh and last day of Pesach. In order to begin to fathom the strange events involved with the first day of Pesach we must now take a peak into the Splitting of the Sea.

The Mystery of K'riat Yam Suf

This is the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim and K'riat Yam Suf – the Exodus and the Splitting of the Sea. Although we retell the story every year at the Seder table the story behind the story - the 'Sod' - has seldom been discussed and then only by way of hint. The first Rabbinical scholar to break with this ancient tradition was the master Russian Kabbalist Rabbi Soloman Eliyashuv. Some 70 years ago he wrote:

"Behold, the chain of events that occurred here are, in truth, very awesome. It is the profound mystery of the splitting open of the Sea of Suf upon which the Holy Ari (over 400 years earlier) passionately warned against speaking about. Similarly, the Holy Zohar (1,500 years earlier) concealed and exceedingly hid this mystery to such an extent that Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai said to his son Rebbe Elazar, 'You can ask me anything you want but concerning this matter do not ask'.

This is in spite of the fact the Zohar does speak about this matter in a number of places although only by way of hint and obvious concealment. Now, we will speak about it just a little according to that which the Holy One, blessed be He, has shown me. And He, may his Name be blessed, should help us and illuminate our eyes in the light of His holy Torah. This should be in order that His Name will be exalted and increased”.

It is known throughout the writings of the Holy Ari and from sources in the Zohar that from the time of the fall of Adam and Hava all consciousness, both earthy and divine, had collapsed and regressed. All reality, in any shape and form, had devolved into a primitive state of being as if a fully mature human being would instantaneously be returned back to his or her embryonic state within the mother's womb.

This state, in the Kabbalah, is called ibur --pregnancy -- and it was thus in this state of regressed pregnancy that divinity as manifested and revealed through Adamic consciousness remained for the first 26 generations of mankind - 2,000 years - until the redemption from the land of Egypt. Now, this process of reversed evolution was actually a type of fail safe mechanism that was triggered into operation at the onset of the fall of Adam and Hava to protect their divine essence from any further infection from the spiritual poison and constricting corporeality of the Primordial Serpent.

Although the base serpentine powers had penetrated deep into the higher dimensionality of Gan Eden due to a serious fault of Adam and Hava - the ingestion of duality before the proper time - the real target of the alien invasion was the very essence of mankind - their brains.

If this ultimate goal would have been achieved, G-d forbid, then not only would the external garment of our reality have become infected and possessed but our very minds, and thus the divinity that it parallels as well, so to speak, would have been taken over and enslaved by these mind parasites. Therefore, just as an embryo inside the womb is sealed off and protected from negative influences on the outside so did Adamic consciousness miraculously revert back to its embryonic state and remains sealed off and protected from any further infection from the demonic brain parasites - alias the Nachash and its armies of darkness.

Dinah says "Sounds like the 'war for the mind' that is prevalent today.

Divine evolutionary reversal to a state of ibur is actually a mechanism that the Creator had 'hard wired' into reality from the beginning and has been in continual operation throughout the history of the world at specific volatile junctions and continues to operate - on a microcosmic level - off and on even today on a daily and even hourly basis.

The state of ibur that we are speaking about here, however, was taking place on a macrocosmic scale of such profound and awesome proportions that nothing like it has ever occurred since that time. In the annals of Jewish and world history this event is know as the Egyptian bondage. The re birthing process of the cosmic embryo is Yetziat Mitzrayim - the deliverance from the Land of Egypt and the actual birth itself is known as K'riat Yam Suf - the splitting open of the Sea of Suf.

Now, although reverting back to embryonic consciousness has its protective advantages it also a serious disadvantage. It is powerless to affect its environment. Furthermore, in our case the comparison to a human embryo falls short because it will eventually mature and be born into the world where it can grow and then affect its surroundings. Here, as we shall see, there was no chance for a natural birth to take place.

This was because the parasitic forces had gained so much control and contaminated the environment the birth would be a virtual suicide. This fact - of the apparent total domination of the forces of evil - was indicated in the event of the burning bush that appeared to Moshe Rabbeinu. The Zohar explains that the tongues of fire within the thorn bush represented, in miniature, alien forces that were clinging to, infesting and sucking sustenance from divinity.

The pharaoh of Egypt himself was the very personification of the vortex of this 2,000 year old invasion and it was he - the very same Primordial Serpent who attacked and invaded Gan Eden - that now had his tentacles firmly around the neck of the now embryonic divine mind - personified as the Nation of Israel.

The role of Pharaoh as the Nachash is also expressed by the Zohar in the verse where the Ain Sof addresses Moshe, "Behold, I am sending you onto Pharaoh, King of Egypt, the Great Serpent"

On the other hand, however, when the time comes for the embryo to be born into the world and it is prevented from doing so then it will perish as an enslaved captive of the womb. This was then the exact situation of the Nation of Israel - the embodiment of Adamic divinity. Their cry ascended deep into the Being of G-d and the covenant of the Patriarchs -Brit Avot- was triggered into its long awaited operation.

But now the Divine Process within the Ain Sof was confronted with a existential dilemma of mind boggling proportions. To have mercy on the soul of the Nation of Israel with out their warranting such a response through their own actions and to remove and nullify the wrath of (judgment) without exact reason was impossible because "the Holy One does not produce an act without just and due cause.

On the other hand, however, to leave the situation as it was also impossible as not only was the destiny of the Jewish people at stake but the foundations of all reality as we know it were crumbling and about to collapse into the singularity point of the cosmic black hole - the final gulp of the Primordial Serpent.

The scene was set and now the Master Mind of Reality unleashed and revealed the blueprints for the most hair-raising and awesome plan of action that has ever taken place since the very creation itself. And if that was not enough this history making event was going to even have the full consent and agreement of the very source of evil itself - the self same Primordial Serpent that was in the process of swallowing up the very set itself!

Joel David Bakst © All Rights Reserved 2004

* This article is an excerpt (chapters 1 and 2) of a larger essay by same name.


[1] Secrets of the Great Pyramid, Peter Tomkins 1971 p.1

[2] The partial Hallel, does not include verses 1-11 of Psalm 115, nor those verses from Psalm 116, is recited on the last six days of Pesach and on Rosh Chodesh. Pesach, like Sukkot, has the structure of main festival/Chag (two days, one in Israel), followed by intermediate days (four days, five in Israel), followed by Main Holiday (again, two days, one in Israel). The last two days of main festival/Chag (theSeventh day, in Israel) are specifically related to the Miracle of the Crossing of the Sea of Reeds, in which

the entire Egyptian army was drowned. G-d Himself declared a limitation on our expression of His praise at that time, when He said "My creatures are drowning in the sea; it is not a time for the full expression of joy." Because the Intermediate Days should not be more joyous than the main festival/Chag, it was decided that only Partial Hallel would be recited on all of the last six days of Pesach.

[3] Sefer Yetzirah. This principle is also reflected in “Last in action, first in thought”.

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